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Rock Creek Elementary- September 9, 2021


Rock Creek Elementary School is a community on a mission to develop compassionate, responsible, lifelong learners. We strive to cultivate thinking, and inquiry that empowers students to engage in a changing world.

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Mark your Calendar

Dates to Remember


9/10 1st Day of School for Kindergarten Last Names A-M (N-Z attend on 9/13)

9/10 Boohoo/Yahoo Meet up Event for Kindy parents last names A-M (see below) 8:45 am

9/13 1st Day of Kindergarten Last Names N-Z ( A-m do not attend today)

9/13 Boohoo/Yahoo Meet up Event for Kindy parents last names N-Z (see below) 8:45 am

9/14 All Kindergarten Students Attend from this day forth

9/17 Recorded Back-to-School Night sent to parents by teachers

9/28 PTC In Person Volunteer Orientation/PTC Meeting 5:45 pm

9/30 PTC Virtual Volunteer Orientation/PTC Meeting 8:45 am

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Dear Rock Creek Families,

We want to share our appreciation to all of our families for their support and understanding during this first week. Our school team is working together closely to make sure that each student is getting the attention and care that they need. Adjusting to in-school learning is going to take time for many of our children and we are all here to support with that change. Your students are coming to us excited and ready to make friends and learn. Thank you for encouraging them to get extra sleep, as that will really help them to prepare for the coming day.

Many of you are new to our school and many have been with us for several years. No matter how long you have been at Rock Creek, we are SO happy to have your family at our school. As our school year progresses, please don't hesitate to reach out to us in the office, or your child's teacher with any questions or concerns that you have. Together, we will make this a wonderful year.

Thank you for supporting Rock Creek Elementary.

With respect and gratitude,



We had a bit of confusion about the first day of school for kindergarten students. We have it all straightened out. Here is the correct schedule:

Friday, Sept 10th Kindergartners last name A-M only attend school 8:30 am to 3:00 pm

Monday, Sept 13th Kindergartners last name N-Z only attend school 8:30 am -3:00 pm

Tuesday, Sept 14th All kindergartners attend from now on

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Student Arrival

  • Students arrive between 8:20 am and 8:25 am (Please do not arrive after 8:30 am)
    We are limiting people on campus to help with social distancing. We ask parents (Masks required) that walk their students to stay on the path and let staff direct students to their classroom door. We will have staff all around the perimeter of the buildings.
  • As soon as students arrive, they will go directly to their exterior classroom door - staff will be supervising outside (Parents please say your goodbyes before arriving on campus)
  • Students will be spaced 6 feet apart as they walk to class
  • Once in class they will receive a squirt of hand sanitizer and go directly to their desk - desks are spaced 3 feet apart
  • The bell will ring at 8:30 am signaling it’s time for learning to begin

Student Arrival Car Drop Off

  • Cars will drop off in the left lane
  • All buses will drop off ONLY in the right lane
  • Please help your child put on their mask before you leave the house so that it’s already on when they exit the car. Staff will direct students to their classroom door.
  • If you need to assist your child in any way with getting out of the car, please do not use the car drop off lane - instead we ask that you pull into a parking space in the lower parking lot.
  • If the car drop off line is too long, feel free to park.

If Students need breakfast, they will go to the cafeteria doors and get a grab-n-go breakfast and line up at their classroom exterior door.

Student Dismissal

  • Students will be dismissed at 3:00 pm.
  • Students that ride a bus will go directly to the bus.
  • Student that walk home without a parent will leave out the classroom doors.
  • Parents that walk to the school will wait outside their child's classroom. Please make sure you wear a mask and honor social distancing. Please be aware that the teacher will be unable to talk with you at the end of the day due to dismissal procedures duties. Please pick up youngest child first.
  • Parents that drive to school to pick up their student will need to park and wait outside the classroom door. Please make sure you wear a mask and honor social distancing.Please be aware that the teacher will be unable to talk with you at the end of the day due to dismissal procedures duties. Please be sure to be parked by 2:55 pm Please pick up youngest child first. Please note you will not be able to leave the parking lot until the buses depart.


Make arriving to school on time a priority. Students should arrive at school between 8:20and 8:25 am and be in their classroom ready to learn by 8:30 am. Students who arrive late disrupt the entire class and miss important information teachers share about the plans for the day. Children who exhibit chronic lateness often struggle with organization in general. They may find it hard to keep track of personal items or forget to turn in homework. Helping them establish the habit of timeliness tends to have a positive ripple effect to other areas of life.

Help your child have a good start to their day by making sure they arrive to school on time!

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We know that you're eager to receive updates on what school will look like this fall. The District has created a Back-to-School webpage that they are updating on a daily basis as guidance and plans are adjusted. Please continue to check that page for new information.

If you have questions that are not answered on the District FAQ back-to school page, please use this link and we will do our best to answer them in our next newsletter.

Rock Creek New School Year Questions
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If you have not completed your fall verification process through ParentVUE, we encourage you to do it as soon as possible. These verifications are meant for currently enrolled students. We encourage parents to complete the required annual process before school begins. If you don’t complete this process before the start of the school year, it doesn’t mean your child isn’t enrolled in our schools. Verification simply allows you to double-check important information such as emergency contacts and any health/medication requirements are up-to-date in our system.

Click on the “Family Updates and New Student Enrollment” tab in the top right-hand corner and “Verification and Family Updates” from the drop-down menu on the next screen to start the verification process. A message will display in your parent portal with a link to the online verification screens for your review.

If you have not activated your ParentVUE account or if you have access concerns, please contact your school (not the District’s Central Office). If you have forgotten your ParentVUE password, please follow these instructions to reset.

Helpful links for more information:


Back-to-School Verification (with step by step instruction video)

Thank you for ensuring that we have the most accurate information on your student.

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Home is the best place for your child to receive medication. If possible, spacing of medication dosages should be arranged to allow for home administration. The Beaverton School District follows State guidelines for medication administration, when home administration is not possible. Please review the BSD guidelines for medication administration to ensure safe, accurate administration at school.


All Medications:

  • Must be in original container.
  • Must be transported to/from school by a parent/guardian.
  • Necessary paperwork is completed by parent/guardian. (All medications forms can be obtained in the school office.)
  • Adequate amount of medication is provided by the parent/guardian.
  • All changes in instructions must be in writing and cannot be accepted verbally.
  • All medications must be picked up at the end of each school year or they will be discarded.

Prescription Medications:

  • Must be in prescription bottle.
  • Label must have child’s name, name of medication, route of administration, dose amount to be given at school, frequency/time of administration, and physician’s name.
  • Most pharmacists will provide two containers for prescription medication at home and school.
  • Middle and High school students may carry emergency medications needed for immediate access (non-injectable) medications with them IF permission is obtained and the Self-Administration Medication Authorization form is completed and on file in office.

Nonprescription Medications

  • Must be in original container (no baggies, foil, etc.) and labeled with child’s name.
  • Physician order needed only when the parent’s instruction for administration contradicts the safe dosing instruction on the bottle/container.
  • High school students may carry these medications with them IF permission is obtained and Self-Administration Medication Authorization form is completed and on file in the office.


Please read the attachment below. (Important school information).


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PTC Information

Please see our flyer for important PTC/School Information

Boohoo/Yahoo Information

What: A meet up for 1st grade and Kindy parent after their students start their first day of school.

Where: Somerset Park, just south of the school on 185th Ave. Masks will be required.

When: After drop-off/school starts, so around 8:45 am to 9:15 am

Who: Parent/Guardians of Rock Creek Kindy and 1st grade students.

Sept 8th- 1st grade

Sept 10th- Kindy, last names A-M

Sept 13th- Kindy, last names N-Z

All Rock Creek Parents are automatically members of the Parent Teacher Club (PTC). The PTC is a great way to learn about the exciting things happening at Rock Creek. There are tons of ways to get involved! Connect with the PTC at our meetings, on Facebook, via text message (text: @rcptcto 81010 to join) and through our website. Also, we just joined Instagram - follow us at @RockCreekPTC!
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The Beaverton School District is using a new communication platform called ParentSquare this year, replacing SchoolMessenger. We encourage you to watch this 3-minute video:

To learn more about ParentSquare, visit their webpage:

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Plan Your Trip

Back to school planning includes how your student will travel to school this fall. Beaverton Safe Routes to School invites you to explore your options for safe travel on our website:

  • Suggested walk and bike routes for each school

  • Safety tips for all modes of travel (walk, bike, bus, car)

  • Arrival/Departure maps for each school (how students who travel by foot, bus and car

    should arrive and leave school)

The safety of our students depends on you!
To learn more visit:

Interested in a Walking School Bus?

Walking School Buses are being used effectively at several schools throughout the district.
A Walking School Bus is a group of students that walk to school with adult volunteers for a safe, fun, and healthy way to get to school. They follow an established route, up to a mile away from school, with designated times and places for more students to join in along the route.
They are a great solution for busy parents who would like their young children to walk to
school, but don’t have time to accompany them. Send them along with the Walking School Bus and they will have all the benefits of walking:
fun time with friends, heart-healthy exercise, a boost for learning when they arrive at school, and a feeling of independence and self-confidence they will carry forward for lifelong habits. Walking School Buses can operate daily, weekly, monthly, or just on certain days. They can start out small, with just a few students, and eventually grow over time. Choose the model that’s right for your community. We would love to help your school get started!

Contact SRTS for more information at



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The District has a community flyer page that list all approved extra curricular flyers such as chess clubs, soccer camps, childcare etc. It is updated monthly. Please Click on the link below to find approved extra curricular activities for students.

Approved After School Activities Link



We understand that it can be challenging to access current information regarding your child’s schooling in your own language. We do our best to send out messages about important updates, especially during these challenging times. However, you can access the BSD website — and specifically, our return-to-school page — at any time. Below, we’ve included a link that will take you to our website, where you’ll find it already translated into your language. Please know, the translation is generated by Google Translate. It’s not perfect, but we do hope it’s helpful.

If you need additional assistance, please contact our Multilingual Department at 503-356-3755.

View the BSD website in Arabic

قم بزيارة الموقع الإلكتروني للقطاع التعليمي لمدارس بيفرتون باللغة العربية

View the BSD website in Chinese


View the BSD website Japanese


View the BSD website in Korean

한국어로 BSD 웹사이트를 보십시오.

View the BSD website in Russian

Посмотрите веб-сайт школьного округа Бивертон на русском

View the BSD website in Somali

Ka fiiri bogga BSD ee ku qoran af-Soomaali

View the BSD website in Spanish

Vea la página web del Distrito Escolar de Beaverton en español

View the BSD website in Vietnamese

Xem trang mạng BSD bằng tiếng Việt

Student help Desk Information
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If you'd like to learn more about BSD's safety procedures, check out our new COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidance webpage.

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The Beaverton School District is publishing data on reported positive or presumed positive COVID-19 cases among our students and staff on our website. This data is collected by the Oregon Health Authority and is published weekly in the COVID-19 Reporting Report.
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Rock Creek School

4125 NW 185th Ave

Portland OR 97229

Main Office-503-356-2450


Fax- 503-356-2455

Principal: Tiffany Wiencken

Keep Rock Creek safe: report any student safety threats to SafeOregon. Tips can be reported by phone or text (844-427-3367), email (, or online ( For more information, visit

The District prohibits discrimination and harassment based on any basis protected by law, including but not limited to, an individual's actual or perceived race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national or ethnic origin, marital status, age, mental or physical disability, pregnancy, familial status, economic status, veteran status, or because of a perceived or actual association with any other persons within these protected classes.