The place to come!

By: Nick Roschli

Major City's

The capital of Panama is Panama City. Some major city's are San Miguelito, Tocumen, Davis, and Arriján.


Panama was colonized by Spain but the people saw what happened in Hati, France, and the United States so the rebelled and gained independence on Nov.18 1821. Later Columbia took control of Panama but the citizens rebelled again. Panama was again independent on Nov.3 1903.
The national language of Panama is Spanish and their flag has 2 stars, a red and a blue. Blue representing their government and the red symbolizing honesty and truth.


Panama is located south east of Costa Rica and north west of Columbia. Land forms in Panama consist of rain forests, forests, mountains, and over 500 rivers!


Panama is a democracy and the president right now is Juan Carlos Varela. Their currency is the Balba and the American dollar. Also Panama is a socialist country.

Why You Should Visit