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"Launching the Next Generation of Lifetime Learners"

Week at a Glance:

K-3rd mClass window (January 5-27)

4th-5th Benchmark window (now-January 29)

January 4:

Intervention Team- 3:00

January 5:


mClass window opens

TIPS meetings

Investigations for New/New to grade level Teachers at CO (3:30-5:00)

January 6:

January 7:

After School Spanish classes resume

PTA Board Meeting- 8:00

PBIS Student Lunch with Admins. (please email Mrs. Reed to reserve a student spot)

Math and Literacy Team meetings (3:00)

January 8:

4th and 5th Grade One-to-one meeting (2:45-3:45) in data room

See Mrs. Reeves' and Mrs. Curtis' students holding up their "Gingerbread People" from Houston, Texas! Each child received a letter along with a creative Gingerbread person from a pen pal in Texas.

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News You Can Use:

4th and 5th grade teachers should be working on mid-year Founts and Pinnell Benchmarks for all students. Please have those Benchmarks complete by the end of January and enter them into your grade level Benchmark Google Doc. by February 12.

The following items were submitted to the County for Capital Outlay consideration. Thanks to each of you who submitted requests this year! If you have any questions about what was submitted, please let Mrs. Reed know. All requests were reviewed and considered. A few items requested will be put in as maintenance and custodial requests instead of Capital Outlay, because the project would not total $1000.

  • Covered ramp to trailers
  • Media Center Carpet
  • Carpet in all rooms on Green Hall
  • Yellow Hall carpet (all rooms except for room 308 and 309)
  • Music Room carpet
  • Concrete or asphalt pathway from patio to trailers
  • Power Wash outside of the building
  • New carpet in Room 412
  • Extend roofing from cafeteria side exit to main awning

A few reminders from Christen:

  • As mclass and benchmarks begin in January please let Debbie know when your grade level is ready to regroup students for LAUNCH. She would like to provide feedback from title one staff about what they are noticing as well. Your grade level can begin the process of regrouping students during your Intervention Day or your PLC day, but allow time for Debbie to share those regroupings with her title one assistants and/or for her to meet with your grade level after school one day to provide feedback. Thanks!
  • Please make sure your grade levels have let Jennifer, Jamie and Christen know when you will be meeting to discuss interventions. The FES calendar will be updated to reflect these changes.
  • SIT approved for each grade level to receive 3 additional planning days for your long range reading plans. There were already 3 approved over the summer so that is a total of 6 days with subs during the year and 1 additional TWD (from October). Each grade level has already met 2 times with title one money for subs, once on the workday and 2 dates are already scheduled for Feb and April. Please check the Fairview calendar and make sure the dates that are scheduled will work for your grade level. If there are any conflicts please get with Christen to reschedule those. You also need to get with Christen to schedule your 2 additional planning days that aren't on the calendar. If you could do this with her the first week we are back at school that would be great.

Have a wonderful and restful Holiday break with family and friends!

Santa pays a surprise visit to Mrs. Gortney's class!

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Mr. Henry and his little Elves!

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PDP's for Certified Staff

The teacher part of Mid-year PDP's need to be be completed no later than January 20. Mrs. Reed or Mrs. Slagle will review your progress and then sign them. If you have any questions about this process, please let Mrs. Reed or Mrs. Slagle know. They are happy to help! Please use data as much as you can in your progress notes.
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