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Meet our Change Agent of the Week: Mestre Acordeon

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Mestre Acordeon aka Ubirajara Almeida is a 70 year old Capoeira Master, who has been doing Capoeira for over 50 years and teaching Capoeira in the Bay Area for over 30 years. He is going to commemorate his 70th birthday by riding his bicycle 14,000-miles from Berkeley to his hometown of Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. This epic and historic journey, called Project B2B-Joga Capoeira (Berkeley to Bahia), will start September 1st and take about a year to complete. It will allow Acordeon to immerse himself in local cultures: customs, traditions, values, music and dance. He will study the social significance and share Capoeira in these diverse communities. The project will encompass populations in 11 countries and more than 32 cities. This journey's story will be told with a commerative CD, and documentary film.

All funds generated from this will contribute to the development of financial sustainability for Projeto Kirimurê. Projeto Kirimurê (PK) is a social program that offers an alternative perspective on life for at-risk youth between the ages of four and sixteen from the neighborhood of Itapuã, Bahia, Brazil. The "Kirimurês" are offered free Capoeira and music classes, storytelling, literacy training, psychological support, and family counseling. 40% of the Kirimurê children have been with the program since its beginning in 2006 and their lives have changed dramatically. PK has taken children off the streets and given them hope for a brighter future. Love of Capoeira is what draws them in and keeps them engaged. Some of the older children are already helping the youngsters, assisting the teachers of Capoeira and other activities. And these Kirimurês have hopes of someday attending college.

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Shut Up & Love

If you've ever been in a relationship, maybe you have heard this said before, "I just need you to love me!" And, maybe I was being liberal with the maybe.... You most DEFINITELY have heard this said before ;)

"But what does that even mean" was the question I often retorted. "I mean, I'm here right? Isn't that enough??" [Insert significant other looking at me like an idiot here]

So, maybe I was missing something.... I used to think I was displaying my love by the things I did or said. I thought that if I could buy something, say something, or do something, my grand offering of love was complete. I mean, superficial love has value right??? hahaha

Now don't get me wrong, I had experienced those "deep feelings" of love (tummy butterflies, fluttering heart, and pure joy) but I never thought that my significant other would notice if those feelings of love were absent.... I mean that's crazy talk right?!?

Actually, NO, that's not crazy. According to cutting edge research being performed by the institute of HeartMath, the human heartbeat actually generates a measurable electromagentic field. This electromagnetic field has been scientifically studied and proven to have an effect on surrounding electromagnetic fields of other organic structures/substances. Guess what modulates our heart's electromagnetic field? Feelings of EMOTION. Different emotions make changes not only on our physiology but our electromagnetic field!!

Hence, your significant other CAN feel your love and/or NOT feel your love. The "I love you's" won't mean a thing if you have "lost that lovely feeling" (shameless Righteous Brothers plug). This love thing is much bigger than what we do, think, or say. Do yourself a favor, and Shut Up and Love.

With "deep" love,

Alive Chiropractic Intern Jones

Top Gun - You've Lost That Loving Feeling (Legendado)

Piedmont Ave. Stroll

Thursday, Aug. 15th 2013 at 6-9pm

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Every Third Thursday, Alive Chiropractic is now participating with the Piedmont Ave. Stroll. We our keeping our doors open from 6-9pm and inviting our commmunity/YOU to come and check out all we have to offer!!

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