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Urgent Prayer Request! For December 5-7, 2015

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Back In June, Pastor Isaiah and I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with 7 teachers in an unreached village in central Myanmar.

We had to speak very quietly because we had been forbidden by the monks to visit the teachers at the school. But the teachers wanted to see us so badly that they came to Isaiah's aunt's house to see us.

They were all very tender to the Gospel. It was at that moment that we suddenly had a crazy idea to invite them to the Myanmar Christian Assembly Crusade in December IN THAILAND. It would be the perfect opportunity for them to "safely" hear more about Jesus Christ and his amazing love for them.

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But we had one problem, we had no money to make this miracle happen until...

the end of November! Within a couple of weeks, two people gave me a gift of money. I suddenly remembered my offer to these teachers and called Pastor Isaiah. I said, "Is it too late for the teachers to come to the crusade?"

When they heard about this invitation, four teachers immediately said, "yes!"

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Three teachers were from the first unreached village where mbmission has land and the fourth teacher was the principal of the school from another unreached village where we had been evicted from the town by the monks last year.

Then, this woman (below) and two aunties, Buddhist relatives from Isaiah's village have committed to going to the crusade as well.

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When the higher authorities in the education department heard the request for a signature for the teacher's passports, they defiantly said, "No!"

It was at that moment that we recognized again the power of the spiritual battle we were in. We started to fast and pray.

Nervous about their upcoming meeting with their superiors, the teachers went to the local Fortune teller-Witch doctor for a "blessing."

Unfortunately, the fortune teller visit proved to be rather disappointing considering the terrible outcome of the meeting with the head of the education department. When Pastor Isaiah heard what happened in the meeting and how there superiors had threatened to fire them if they went to a Christian conference, Isaiah told our friends, "Pray to Jesus! Only He has the power to help you get to Thailand!"

Two days ago, all the teachers were called into an even bigger district meeting with their education supervisors and forbidden to go to Thailand!

We were shocked by the reprimand the teachers received. But we were even more shocked by the determination of the teachers to come to see us!

We immediately prayed and declared, "Lord, these teachers belong to you! They have risked everything they have to know you. Open their eyes to the reality that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the World!"

Ignoring all threats of disciplinary action, the teachers secretly boarded the night bus for Yangon last night, determined to come to Thailand!

Friends, Thursday night, I am going to the airport to pick up Pastor Isaiah and eight Buddhist friends who have agreed to attend a three day crusade all dedicated to knowing Jesus Christ and His Saving power!

Would you pray for our eight Buddhist friends from two unreached villages in Central Myanmar?

Would you also pray for ten Buddhists friends that we are sending from Chonburi and Chachoengsao to the crusade?

AND would you pray for the 300 Buddhist and Mus*m Myanmar people that will attend the crusade?

Would you pray for the anointing of the Holy Spirit to fall in that hotel conference room?

Would you pray that the Myanmar Evangelists would preach the Word of God with love and boldness and stay physically strong this weekend?

Last year, over 200 Buddhists were baptized! Let's call out to God for another outpouring of His glory and Saving power! Amen!

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NOW is the time for a GREAT harvest of souls for Myanmar!

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