Faron's 12 favorite things

by: Faron Ebanks 5th period

These are the 12 things i like the Most

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Football! it's my favorite sport

i picked this because it is my favorite sport, and i want to become a football player when i grow up and go to the NFL. Football is interesting to me because I have always loved this sport and its super fun to play with friends and against other teams with your friends.

Job 1: I would love to play in the NFL and that what i'm still thinking about. I have to get my grades up so i can actually play and get scouted by colleges.

Job 2: I could be a photographer.

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I picked this because I absolutely love my family especially all my cousins. That's not all my cousins though.
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It is my favorite app in the world. I watch it all the time I could watch it for 4 straight hours. its supper funny

Job 1: be a superstar viner

Job 2: shoot the vine videos