Cowboy Coaching Corner

Learning Together - May 2015

PLP for 2015 - 2016

Here is the link to create your new PLP for 2015-2016. If you need any help working on your PLP do not hesitate to contact me!

Summer Learning Opportunities

Click here for the link to Dr. Newell's Summer Opportunities Smore. From there you can click on each subject to see what is being offered. Please let me know if you have questions.

Blogs and Learning

As a teacher, I always love a good idea. I remember telling my intern last year that some of the best ideas I ever had were "borrowed" from others. Instead of waiting (and paying) for the next Mailbox magazine, now ideas can be freely gained through blogs! Articles, resources, ideas, strategies ---- there is a wealth of information on a vast amount of blogs and most of it is completely free! Educators sharing their thoughts and ideas with other educators. While working on my Virtual Voyage (a topic for another day) I happened across Steve Wyborney's Blog: I'm on a Learning Mission. Below are 3 posts that I read on his blog and 3 new ideas. This is definitely a blog that I want to continue to read and something I will use to continue my journey of growth and learning. In fact, I'll be adding this to my PLP!

Visits for Growth and Development

We have amazing teachers at CES and lots to share! Don't forget that May 23rd is the deadline for your third visit of the year. Please contact me if you need help covering your class so that you complete your visit. There are printed forms in a green folder by the PLC tables in my room, or you can download one here. Happy visiting!
12 Ideas to Propel Your Growth Journey - Steve Wyborney

Click here for a great article on growth by Steve Wyborney.

Interactive Read-Alouds - Linda Hoyt

Are you familiar with Linda Hoyt's book Interactive Read-Alouds? They are books of lessons that are designed around favorite children's literature and standards in the areas of comprehension, story elements, vocabulary/literary language, literary elements and devices, genre, and writing traits. If you haven't tried them before, below are some samples lessons that you can download and use.

If you are interested, we have a Grade 4-5 book and Grade K-1 book in the Professional Library in my room. You are welcome to check them out and try a few lessons in your classroom.