VCR Presentation 3

Ethan Huang

What's That Word?

The _____________ of the entire city was hidden underground which stored the records of everyone who ever lived in the city.
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The Word

archive (noun)

  1. The collected records of an organization, institution, or public person

The word can refer to the place in which the records are stored.

In some cultures around the world, archives may not always exist in the written form. Some cultures store information orally and pass on the culture's history by spoken word from generation to generation.

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The Roots

arkhein (G.) "to begin," "to be first"

arkhos (G.) "ruler," "first in rank"

Because of its roots, the word "archive" makes sense, since it contains records of the first event or person of practically anything.


  1. annals
  2. records
  3. documents
  4. files
  5. chronicles


  • There are no known direct opposites for this word.
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Alternate Forms

archival (adj.)

  1. belonging or referring to a place in which records are stored

archivist (n.)

  1. any person responsible for maintaining and managing the records of an organization or institution

Choose The Sentence In Which The Word Is Used Incorrectly

A) The rebels burned down the archives in order to erase any trace of their existence.

B) The archives so much important information about the city that if it were to be destroyed, the history of that city would be gone forever.

C) No one else loved organizing our town's records than the archivist.

D) The archival book belonged to a museum, since it was so old that the pages were yellowing and most of the cover was worn away.

The correct answer is D. A better that could replace it would be "archaic" or "antiquated."