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Special Edition: Teacher Appreciation Week

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Thank you, Teachers!

Welcome to the digital edition of Teacher Appreciation Week! Normally, the first week of May would be a fun week of gifting teachers with treats, gifts, and thank you cards from students and administrators, but this year we are celebrating in a different way. Though I wish I could celebrate this wonderful staff in person with hugs and LOTS of chocolate, I will have to settle for a virtual thank you. When teachers return to the school, there will be a host of treats waiting for them! I recently visited Patrick Henry to check in on your gifts to make sure they're still safe and sound, and I'll be saving them for you for the fall. Teachers, please check your snail mail next week and keep an eye out for a note from me! See this Patrick Henry Post Special Edition for a sneak peak of your gifts, and individual highlights from this school year for each teacher!
Teacher Appreciation Week
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Thank you to our amazing educators!

Take a look below for individual staff members and why they deserve to be appreciated every day of the year.

Lindsey Smith

Lindsey's classroom is a consistently kind, happy place for not only her own students, but also any visitors to her room and our school. Lindsey rolls with just about anything that comes her way, and she always makes sure that kids are at the center of her work. Thank you, Ms. Smith!

Patti Stogsdill

Patti's animals are the perfect representation of her teaching style: fun, light-hearted, and full of opportunities to learn! Her classroom is a wonderful space for her students to experience as many different learning opportunities as possible, and they love her for it. The effort behind a classroom like this can be herculean, but it's so worth it! Thank you, Ms. Patti!

Lindsey Munnelly

Lindsey carries that perfect blend of structure and fun, making her classroom a great place for preschoolers to grow, giggle, and learn. Now as a virtual educator, Lindsey is still finding the time to homeschool her own children and teach her Patrick Henry students - all in the middle of a move to a new house! Even with so much going on, Lindsey is still dedicated to her classroom, just as she has been all year. Thank you, Ms. Munnelly!

Kelly Valentine

I somehow have not a single picture of Kelly, but I have hundreds of pictures of her kids. I think that's a fair representation of who Kelly is as an educator: it's always all about the kids! Kelly's commitment to putting kids first is inspiring to me every day, especially as she knows how to connect with her students and their families. Kelly's concern for her students extends beyond their preschool years, and her students return to her years after they left her classroom and still want to spend time with her. It's the mark of a great educator. Thank you, Ms. Valentine!

Shanice Webb

Shanice has that easy way about her - consistently calm and kind - that allows kids to connect with her instantly. Watching a child learn how to trust an adult so quickly makes me incredibly happy because I know students feel safe with Shanice, and that gives them the freedom to learn and explore without reservation. Thank you, Ms. Webb!

Cornelia Tolbert

Cornelia's musical talents are always available to students, along with an easy smile and a kind greeting. Cornelia's attitude and effort go such a long way to create a positive culture at Patrick Henry, and it makes it easy to come to work and see her interactions with the students! Thank you, Ms. Tolbert!

Barbara Hill

Barbara has not allowed herself to be in a single photo all year, so this sign will have to do for now. It's not surprising, since Barbara is always on the move and simply doesn't have time for a photo - she's always working with a small group, helping Ms. Smith, setting up for the next activity, or teaching students something new. Barbara never stops moving because her kids are really going places. Thank you, Ms. Hill!

Alexus Young

Though Alexus joined us relatively recently, she has made a mighty impact on her preschool classroom. Alexus has the right temperament both for assisting Ms. Valentine and for assisting her kiddos. Alexus also spends a significant portion of the day helping in the front office, and for both roles, we are so grateful! Thank you, Ms. Young!

Ashley Wildermuth

Ashley's classroom is one of those rooms where students always seem to have a book in their hands when you pop in, no matter the time of the day. It is so fun walking in and seeing students' pride as they show off what level they are reading on and what book they can read aloud to you. Ashley's hard work to structure her classroom is paying off! Thank you, Ms. Wildermuth!

Megan Willard

Megan's infectious positive attitude and consistent smile are just two aspects of her teaching that made her a finalist for the St. Louis Public Schools Teacher of the Year this year. Her students respond so well to her optimism and strong classroom structure. We are so proud of her accomplishments and we know that she is a worthy choice for this honor! Thank you, Ms. Willard!

Wanda Brandon

Wanda joined our team in the middle of the year to serve the lower elementary students. She filled in so many gaps, and served so many roles that it's hard to even know where to begin with the thank you list. For all of her willingness to step in where needed, we say thank you, Ms. Brandon!

Teresa Norton-Young

Teresa joined our team this year at the beginning of the school year and we knew right away that it was a great match. Teresa's kind, gentle spirit radiates from her as she works with kids and connects with adults. Her encouragement to both student and colleague is unmatched. Thank you, Ms. Norton-Young!

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey's classic response to the question "how's it going?" is ALWAYS "livin' the dream!" and we know she means it. Kelsey's passion for kids, education, and serving others makes her the right fit for Patrick Henry. She makes it easy for others to "live the dream" because of her optimism and consistently helpful attitude. Thank you, Ms. Jones!

Karen Evans

Karen's role as a Reading Specialist might have relegated her to a corner of the building where she was seldom seen, but NO! Karen is one of those faces of the building that pops up just when and where you need her - she seems to be in several places at once! She is always willing to help, even when tasked with something not even close to her job description. Her service to her colleagues and our families makes her an incredible educator and a fun friend. Thank you, Ms. Evans!

Rylee Shea

Rylee may have only been with us for one school year, but what an impact she made on Patrick Henry! Rylee's structured, fun, kind, and happy classroom is exactly what first grade should look like: kids learning, laughing, and loving. We will always appreciate the collegiality and kindness Rylee brought to the classroom. Thank you, Ms. Shea!

Karin Versen

Karin's creativity knows no bounds, and she simply cannot be held back by anything. When you walk into her classroom, you know you've entered a creative space of learning and whimsy, and it's hard not to just sit down and immediately get to work with her kids! Karin's passion for providing opportunities to her students to learn is inspiring to me. Thank you, Ms. Versen!

Brunette Watson

Brunette's long and fruitful career with St. Louis Public Schools is to be celebrated this year as she enters the magical world of RETIREMENT! We are so excited to congratulate Brunette on a job well done over such a long tenure with the district. Patrick Henry will miss her presence, especially her famous SIPPS lessons. Thank you for a lifetime of service, Ms. Watson, and congratulations on your retirement!!

Iris Jackson

Though Iris has been at Patrick Henry for several years, this was her first official year as a solo classroom teacher, and WOW what a year it was! I am so proud of the way she tackled challenge after challenge, meeting the needs of her students for their physical well being, their mental well being, and their academic well being. I am in awe of such an incredible first year of teaching, and I can't wait to see what next year holds! Thank you, Ms. Jackson!

Rashidah Ivory

Rashidah's day always starts with a handshake, a dance, a song, or a positive greeting. It is awesome to watch the big and little ways that Rashidah connects with her students on a social, emotional, and academic level. Rashidah's focus on relationships with her students paid off and made this a wonderful school year for students of each grade level in her room. Thank you, Ms. Ivory!

Audrey Hammock

Audrey is all about that personal connection with kids and families. The best part? Audrey's efforts to reach her students did not end when COVID19 hit. Rather than taking it as an impossible task, Audrey challenged herself to learn new skills, post lessons in a completely different way, and reach her students on a deep level even from a distance. I've been so impressed with the way she has stepped up even in the face of great obstacles. Thank you, Ms. Hammock!

Ribbon Williams

This picture says it all: Ribbon will go the extra mile when she feels passionately about something or someone. Pictured here rapping for her students, Ribbon's self-expression reminds me daily of how to advocate for self and student. Ribbon's work with her fifth graders will pay off when they go to middle school prepared for the new challenges that lie ahead. Thank you, Ms. Williams!

Katie Baumann

Katie runs our upper elementary Special Education department with an efficiency that any educator could be proud of. Her commitment to compliance and effective documentation make all of our jobs so much easier, but all of her work is in the background and she doesn't seek credit for it. What's happening behind the scenes is so important for keeping our school running smoothly and ensuring our students receive the services they deserve. It's a lot of work, and Katie meets the challenge head on. Thank you, Ms. Baumann!

Brookie Blake

Brookie's gym class is an organized time of fun and energy. I always love going to observe, because I inevitably get drawn into the games, the excitement of the kiddos, and the structure of the class. Physical Education is so vital for our students, and Brookie provides not only the scientific side of the class, but also the energetic and fun parts of learning to play together and challenge yourself physically. Thank you, Ms. Blake!

Kristine Terrance

Kristine's music room is nothing short of magical. The beautiful displays on the walls and the instruments on the shelves seem to sing to students and staff - every time I'm in the room I'm itching to touch just about everything and dance to my heart's content. Kristine makes everyone feel comfortable enough to express themselves musically, and that's just what a music class should do. Thank you, Ms. Terrance!

Carolyn Bryant

Carolyn's creativity abounds in her art class and beyond. If you have ever had even a short conversation with Carolyn, you probably left with a new idea buzzing around your head because she just inspires the creativity in everyone else to come out and play! Carolyn's work with students this year achieved such a strong level of relationship and controlled chaos that kids felt comfortable really challenging themselves artistically and personally. Thank you, Ms. Bryant!

Just a few staff highlights from this year...

Can't wait to see these faces (and dance moves) again


Thank you times infinity

Thank you, teachers. Thank you times infinity.

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