The environment

By: Justine Buman

How to help the environment

You can help the environment by following the three R's. They are reduce, reuse, and recycle. You can reduce by using less light and turning the water off when you are brushing your teeth. You can reuse by using a plastic bottle again and again instead of buying a new water bottle. You can recycle by putting any cardboard that you have that you want to throw away in to a recycling bin and that cardboard will be turned into brand new cardboard through a special process.

How to help the environment by throwing away food

If you want to throw away food that you did not eat a good way to do it is by putting it in a compost pile. A compost pile is a container from a cement box to a bread sack that has soil in it and you can put Alfalfa meal and hay, algae, seaweed, lake moss, apple pomace, wood ashes, bananas, beverages, kitchen rinse water, buckwheat straw or hull, cardboard, unused cat litter, clover, cocoa hulls, coffee grounds and filters, corn stalks, corn cobs, cotton burs, cowpeas, dog food, dryer lint, eelgrass, feathers, flowers, fruit peels that are not limes, grape pomace, green grass clippings, dried grass clippings, hair, hay, hedge clippings, hops, kelp, leather waste, leaves, manure from herbivores, newspaper, nutshells, oak leaves, oat straw, sawdust and wood shavings, paper, peanut hulls, peat moss, pine needles and cones, tea leaves, vegetable peelings and scraps, vetch, and wheat straw. All these things make the soil richer and better for growing plants. If you are very skilled at composting than you can compost bird droppings, diseased plants, milk, yogurt, cheese, weeds, and sod.

How to make a compost pile

If you want to make a compost pile follow these instructions. First you need to find a place to put your compost pile. You could go buy a compost bin or you could just put in some other bin you find around the house. To make compost you need four ingredients, they are nitrogen, carbon, water, and air. Nitrogen is green kitchen and yard waste and carbon is brown kitchen and yard waste. First you put the carbon in then the nitrogen. Make sure the compost gets lots of air and stays moist but not soaking wet and in a six weeks you will have new compost to put in your garden. If you need more help watch the video.
How to Build a Compost Pile For Dummies

Helping by planting

If you want to help the Earth by planting something then great. You can plant trees or you can plant flowers and make a garden. Trees are very good for people because they produce air. They breath in carbon dioxide which is what we breath out and then what trees breath out is fresh air. If we keep cutting down trees and polluting the air we are just hurting ourselves. With out trees we could not live. If you are wanting to plant a vegetable garden watch the video below.
How to Plant a Vegetable Garden

Fun Facts

  • If an American family saved 10 plastic bags a month we would save 2.5 billion plastic bags a year.
  • Over 100 pesticide ingredients are suspected to cause birth deflects, cancer, and gene mutations.
  • Every ton of recycled office paper saves 380 gallons of oil.
  • The energy saved from one aluminum can will operate a TV for three hours.

For more fun facts go to Once you get there type in Environment and go to the fourth one down labeled, Environment-Library-ThinkQuest. Then go to Kid Stuff on the far left and from there explore.

Videos about the environment

These are a few videos about the environment

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