Beautiful Feet

My Journey to the Berbers of North Africa


April was dominated by final examinations followed by a hefty amount of vacation time.

I took the 16 days without class to backpack through Europe (read: finally live my hobo dreams.) I was able to visit Munich, Fussen, Prague, Budapest, Venice, Milan, and Zurich!

I don't think I realized how tired and stressed I had become until I took a break. I was definitely able to start this new session rejuvenated and ready to study my heart out until August!

My break also helped me realize just how much French I have learned in a short amount of time. I think I forgot how I felt my first month in France, completely lost and unable to communicate. As I wandered through countries dominated by languages other than French, I was reminded of those former lost feelings and how they no longer characterize my life in France. Prs Gd!

New Energy

This past Monday ushered in a new session and new quarter at my school. This means lots of new students!

I am happy to say that a Canadian couple destined for my same team in NA have begun studies here. There is also another girl from my same Company that has begun classes!


There is a never-ending stream of hilarious language blunders in my classes. Here are some more samples:

"Gd is a fish!" instead of "Gd is powerful!"

The Spanish word for "cat" is the French word for "cake." I am constantly hearing people say "chocolate cats" when they say "chocolate cakes."

One man married to his wife for over 30 years announced to the class that "he was now a single." After many condolences we realized he was really trying to say "today is my birthday."

Where am I in language learning?

The first week of April was consumed by standardized language testing to see where each student was after the last quarter.

I tested as an A2 in French. I am trying to reach B1 by August.

What does that mean? To give you an idea, here are the officially recognized levels of the French language:

You make quite a few mistakes, but hey you're talking.



You make smarter mistakes.



You're perfect. (Nobody at my school is shooting for this level. It takes over a year...)



I encourage myself that if I advanced two levels in four months, surely I can advance at least the last level I need in my final three months!


  • That I would be able to welcome and help the new students in whatever way possible!
  • That I would learn learn learn French! That I would reach level B1 by August.
  • This month I will be missing the college graduations of two very beloved sisters. :( Please ask Gd to help me process the many emotions I'm sure will come along with living far from my family during major life events.

My Community

(Pic 1) The wonderful people I teach kids with at chch! Still confused why there was a bounce castle a few Sundays ago...

(Pic 2) My former classmates and professor at the end of last session!

(Pic 3) My age group at chch. These people are responsible for teaching me how to sound "cool" in French.

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