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Welcome to the January issue of Connected newsletter from the Division of Student Academic Success. We are proud to highlight new Relationship Types and 'Your Success Team', three report tips, using the FERPA File and the Success Progress Tab on the student profile.


The platform is scheduled to undergo maintenance on Saturday, March 21st from 3PM EST to Sunday, March 22nd 12PM EST. The site may experience downtime during this time.

Please note that the system will be operational during this time except for the student scheduling component. An appropriate message will be displayed to students who attempt to schedule appointments during this time.

A significant advancement included in the most recent system update allows for distinguished relationship types in order to create a personalized student success team for every student! A new section titled 'Your Success Team' has been added to the student’s profile.

Your Success Team, located in the bottom right section of the Student Home Page, is visible to students and lists staff and faculty who are assigned to them directly. If a student has multiple assigned advisors, all will be displayed in the Your Success Team section. The relationship between student and staff is listed under the staff member's name. The envelope icon opens 'Send a Message', allowing the student to email the assigned staff member.

For staff viewing the student profile, Your Success Team replaces the 'Advisor/Tutor' box previously located above 'Categories' on the Student Overview tab and is located under the student's image and Student Info box.

Current relationships identified include Academic Advisor, Student Success Coach, EOF Counselor, TRiO Counselor, Financial Aid Advisor and Coach (Athletic). Work is underway to develop 'Your Success Team' to include other staff members.

Click the button below for a short tutorial. For more information, please contact Angela DeRocini.



Did you know the Success Progress tab shows positive, negative and neutral influencers of a student's likelihood of graduating from Rutgers–Camden and includes course milestone completion, academic progress, and performance trends? The information included within the Success Progress tab helps advisors and student success staff to prepare for a conversation with a student, by providing additional information on their predictive influencers, success marker notifications, GPA trends, and credit trends.

Click here for details regarding Predicted Influencers, Success Markers, GPA Trends By Term and Credit Trends By Term.


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) FERPA is the federal law that governs the rights of students and institutional responsibilities with respect to student records. In RaptorConnect, a link to view a student's FERPA release form is located under the Links box.

To learn more about Rutgers FERPA guidelines Click here.


To request access to the FERPA File, send an email to the Registrar Office at and include your name, NetID and reason for requesting access.



FERPA on File

Updated on 1/13/2020

Spring '20 Student Worker (Department)

This new tag identifies students with staff access to RaptorConnect. Access for student workers must be requested using this link: Request User Permission. At the end of the semester, supervisors must review their list of student employees to make determinations for continued access.


Student Achievement Note Reason

Student Achievement is available as a new Note reason and can be issued by any user. Sharing positive student information helps form a holistic picture of a student's experience. Student achievement notes have been added to Leslie Demark, Shavari Fagan, Jaron Brown, Sheridan Waterfall, Beilka Gonzalez and Nitan Shanas. Please add student achievement notes to student profiles as appropriate.


Request New User Access / Change User Access Form

Please use this form to request or change access to RaptorConnect. After your supervisor’s approval for access, new users must review and agree to follow FERPA guidelines for accessing student data.

Text Messaging

The number of text messages users can send at one time has increased from 50 to 100 students. Please see the new Text Messaging Configuration/FAQ and Text Messaging Guidelines.

User Guide for Communications

Student Messaging Through the Platform

  • Alert Notifications
  • Recording Attendance
  • Case Notifications
  • Appointment Communications

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