Mount McKinley

By: Emmali Zimmerman


You can find me in the Alaska Range in North America. My absolute location is 63 degrees North and 151 degrees West. I am near Anchorage, Alaska in Denali National Park and Preserve. I am a total of 20,320 feet at my highest peak.
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I was first discovered by a man named George Vancouver in 1794. Someone first attempted to climb me in 1903 by James Wickersham, but he hadn't succeeded. Three years later Fredrick Cook claimed the first ascent but was later proved false. The first real ascent was in 1913 by Hudson Stuck, Harry Kartsens, Walter Harper, and Robert Tatum. They traveled the safest route on me.
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Additional Information

I am the highest mountain peak in the United Sates and North America. I am the tallest mountain on land. I was also referred to as "The High One". I have been uplifted by tectonic pressure but at the same time erosion has lost sedimentary rock above and around me.
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