Room 13 News

What's happening in Mrs. May's class?

It's Been a Busy September!

We have been very busy during the first month of school. The students are doing a wonderful job of working together and learning all of the class routines. They do a great job of cleaning up the classroom every day. I'm sure they'd be happy to show of their cleaning skills at home as well!

The students have been working on reading skills such as story sequence and cause and effect. We are now spending time figuring out the authors' purposes for writing. Our read-aloud books for the year are a series of boys vs. girls books. Ask your child about some of the funny things that the girls and boys have done to each other so far.

In Language Arts, the boys and girls have been writing realistic fiction stories. They have also been working on identifying and writing declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences.

In math, we have completed our unit on geometry. Ask your child about the circle pictures they made using compasses. Our next unit is on data and large numbers. Visit Mrs. May's website for more information and links to games.

Ways to Help Your Child at Home

1. Check your child's homework agenda each night. They should be copying the homework from the board each day.

2. Help your child to make corrections on sign and return papers when they come home.