2016 C.A.C. Meeting

Travis Vertical Team

Elementary Schools

MIddle Schools

Consuelo Mendez Middle School - Named for A.I.S.D.'s first Hispanic teacher

  • Average class size is less than 25 students
  • 100% of staff is trained in relationship building PD "Capturing Kids Hearts"
  • No Place For Hate
  • 3 courses in which students can obtain High School Credit: Keyboarding, Spanish, Algebra
  • 2:1 Student to device Ratio
  • Bring Your Own Device Campus
  • State Recognized CTE department visited by former commissioner for awards
  • Family Resource Center
  • Instructional Specialists for each content area as well as an Academic Dean supervising instruction
  • Faculty Mentorship Program
Relationshps - Ms. Thomas

Fulmore Middle School

High School