Master Dash

Incredible speed, strength, and senses.

His Abilities

Master Dash in the worlds newest superhero and one of his many powers includes amazing vision. He has an extremely advanced occipital lobe allowing him to see up to 5 miles away.

His temporal lobe is just as advanced allowing him to hear the smallest of sounds near impossible for the average human to pick up.

Master Dash has an incredibly advanced motor cortex, this allows him to run up to speeds as high as 80 mph.

His pituitary gland allows his muscles to grow at an undocumented weight making him incredibly strong.

Master Dashes' frontal lobe is so advanced he has a photographic memory making him act as a human camera.

His amygdala won't allow him to feel the emotion of fear, this means he will take on any problem thrown his way.

Master Dashes' outfit is fully equipped with goggles to even further advance his eyesight, high quality running shoes, and the most aerodynamic cape up to this date.

In the distance Master Dash hears a faint sound with his amazing temporal lobe, and he knows that it means trouble. He runs at his max speed of 80 mph to the scene and finds a boy hanging of the edge of a cliff. With his super strength he lifts the boy up from the edge and carries him all the way home. Once again Master Dash has saved the day.