The Whisper Key

Issue 9 // LSN Band's Weekly Newsletter \\ Sunday, 10/11

Weekly Kuhlman Remarks

Here is what Mr. Kuhlman posted to the Facebook:

"Huge congratulations go to the entire LSN Band family for a job well done today. I recieved many positive comments about how well the festival was running today.

To the parent volunteers: we can not do this without you. You are amazing!

To our students: This is such a long and trying day for a group of young men and women to work all day on put on a good performance. I'm very proud of you, and you deserve some rest.

We have a big week ahead. We will try to finish the closer dots in class, so we can spend all of Thursday's rehearsal in clean-up mode. The itinerary for UCM will be out on Tuesday."

This Week - This is it.


  • Finish Part 3!
  • Clean the show!
  • March for your seniors. This is the last week you will march with us, so give us and show us your all. March for us and yourselves.


Monday, October 12

  • Assume we are outside
  • Learn as much of Part 3 as possible!

Tuesday, October 13

  • Assume we are outside

  • Learn as much of Part 3 as possible!

Wednesday, October 14

  • All school testing!

  • "You Have Options" Day for Seniors... Senior breakfast from 8:30am to 9:15am, then choices between testing, college visit field trips, or scheduling your own college visit.

Thursday, October 15

  • Evening Rehearsal ~ Clean up Part 3!!


Friday, October 16

  • No School

Saturday, October 17

  • UCM Festival of Champions ~ This is it. This is the day and the competition we have been working towards for the past three months, as well as the last time you will ever march with your seniors.
  • There will be crying.

Symphonic & Concert Band Tryouts ~ Tuesday, Oct. 21st

The tryout music is avaliable via Charms and auditions are on Tuesday, Oct. 21st AFTER school. All students in the band will be auditioning. This will count as a major test grade. Come prepared!!

Tryout music is the same as All-District Tryout music.

Where did the pictures go?!

Sully has been posting everything to Facebook. I apologize for the lack in pictures, but go look at the Band's group page to see them. This is not the official home, though.

I've also been telling myself that every week, I'm going to ask a Poll Question, but I never listen to myself.

Lee's Summit North Bands

The LSN Bronco Marching Band takes a musical journey from the Far East to the Middle East this season with The Silk Road. Follow the Broncos this season as we transform into camels and roll-step through sand dunes.