How To Become An Astronaut

Tips And Details On How Astronauts Live And Train

Basic Training

Some of the basic training's that astronauts do are, ISS structure and design, navigation, thermal control, robotic system, command and tracking. these are just the basics for bigger jobs in space you would take more complicated classes.

Astronauts Training


Dexter The Handybot

One other thing that astronauts learn about is Dexter. Dexter is a space handyman with only one purpose and that is to keep the ISS in good shape. Dexter's job is to preform maintenance work and repairs like changing batteries and replacing cameras. Dexter only works outside the ISS and thanks to Dexter, the amount of space walks to fix the ISS have been reduce, this gives astronauts more time to focus on the real reason why there up there, Science and Discoveries of space.

Challenges In Space

Going into space can be fun and all but there are some flaws like exercise. Exercise is very important when in space, you must exercise in space because if you don't you start to loose bone and muscle this weakens the astronauts and decrease the amount of work that gets done. Also you can get hearing loss. Studies show that even one shuttle mission could cause temporary hearing loss or permanent hearing loss. Finally kidney stones. About 1 in 10 people develop kidney stone in there lifetime on Earth, but that risk is far more greater for an astronauts in space because bones decriminalize in a weightless interment. This releases salt into the blood and creates the kidney stones.