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October 21, 2016

Upcoming Events


  • 21st - KP Cross Country Team Movie Night Fundraiser 6:30pm to 8:30pm
  • 24th - Sapphire Team to Auer Farm - 9 to 12pm
  • 25th - Opal Team to Auer Farm - 9 - 12pm
  • 26th - Ruby Team to Auer Farm - 9 - 12pm
  • 28th - Girls STEM Conference =- 8 - 1:45pm
  • 28th - Pie A Teacher KP Cares Fundraiser - period 9
  • 28th - 6th Grade Masquerade Mixer - 3 - 4:15pm
  • 31st - Fall Fundraiser Deadline

For Families of Students who will attend the movie Race Tonight

Chinese in the Middle School

Ben M., Ethan S., and Joshua A. showed some of the skills and the language that they have learned in their first few weeks of Chinese class at Town Hall on Tuesday, October 18.

6th grade Masquerade Mixer on Friday, October 28

There will be a DJ, dancing, snacks and prizes for awesome costumes. To buy a ticket bring your permission slip and $5.00 to Ms. Caldera before lunch or during lunch. See Ms. Caldera in room 9 for more information.

KP Caregiver Fall Book Read

KP Parents and Caregivers,

I'd like to host a fall read on the Dr. Michele Borba's book Unselfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World. If you are interested in joining me for this read, please click here to sign up and identify the best format to discuss the book.

Your Partner in Education,

Joy Wright

Links to additional information

One Book Review

Information about the author Dr. Borba

Ordering the book

Donations Neeeded

The Library Makerspace is looking for base plates for our next activity. If you have any that you would like to donate, the Library would love to take them off your hands. Please contact Denise deMello at Thank you

WEB Update

The October WEB lesson focused on our ability to work with others. Most of the time we do not get to pick the people we are asked to work with, play with or even live with. Having an understanding of how what you do and what you say impacts those around you drove our activities and discussions this month and helped 6th graders understand how important each member of a group truly is.

Character Counts at KP and Students of the Month

The following students were awarded “Character Counts at KP” certificates. These students are honored for exhibiting one of our positive character traits: Respectful, Responsible, or Citizenship. Please join us in congratulating: Logan M, Grace B, Stephanie M, Tina X, Zoe P, Alexander S, Virginia B, Morgan T, Corinne D, Hayden S, Evan M, Bhajan D, Daniela E, Catherine E, Erin R, Jared S, Sarah R, Joshua D, Emma R, Ethen-Andrew W, Nicholas G, Thatcher S, Sean K, Aaron L, Dubella U, Leeani O, Cameron C, Matthew F, Brian F, Elijah H, Anthony N, Amelia S, Alyssandra A, Harkarman K, Jenna W, Kayla W, Caden R, Emma S, Kylie G, Juliannah X, Allison K, Kristen P, Grace A, Asayah A, Yash T, Isabella P, Arjun M, Jaylen W, Justin S, Kaj S, Mauricio V, Veronica C, Brooke M, Moawiah A, Evan P, Aaliyah B, Zenia A, Grace K, Grace D, Benjamin B, Natalie P, Nathaniel S, Genevieve N, Gerkarit G, Ixael A, Wilejah C, William G, Akshatha N, Maxwell P, Isaiah L, Julianna d, Jake B, Zoe C, Elizabeth B, Xiao L, Jessica Z, Alexandeer T, Drew S, Kobe N, Justin N, Lillian W, Rebecca M, Nikita N, Sean L, Connor F, Allison D, Aileen L, Sarah D, Princess N, Zachary B, Katelyn A, Eli K, Daniele B, Noah Y, Qi Han Z, Jules R, Joseph S, Erin D, Isabelle D, Vulang N, Jessica J, Joonbeom H, Owen T, Kimberly M, Elizabeth Y, Moises A and Jennifer C.

Students of the Month: Isaiah L, Rylie D, Elliott G, Grace M, Jenny Z, Mark Z, Mercedes R, Padraig D, Aaliyah B, Kalyan G, Arya T, Emily D, Divine E, Gabriella M, Quinn M, Brooke N, Vijaya M and Apurv M.

Fundraiser Update

The deadline for the school Fall Fundraiser has been extended to Monday, October 31. Every item purchased helps us reach our goal of $30,000 sales with the profit going towards supporting field trips and upgrading our auditorium by purchasing a drop down screen and projector and seating upgrade. Last year $6,500 was raised towards the projector and screen. This is a long-term project that will be done in stages.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Math Tutoring Offering by Hall High School Student

Jake Zweifler is former King Philip student and a current sophomore at Hall. He takes Honors Pre Calculus and would like to get the word around to anyone who would like to receive help in math. You can contact him at 860-837-4226 or

Student Opportunities/After School Information

For 8th Grade Families - KP High School Options Fair



for 8th Graders

Thursday, November 3rd, Periods 2 and 3

Schools that have come in the past:

Magnet Schools

Academy of Aerospace and Engineering

Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts

Greater Hartford Academy of Math and Science

Medical Professions and Teacher Preparation Academy

Metropolitan Learning Center

Public Safety Academy

Two Rivers High School

Capital Preparatory School

Classical Magnet School

Great Path Academy

Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy

Journalism and Media Magnet School

Pathways Academy of Technology and Design

R.J. Kinsella School of Performing Arts

Sports and Medical Sciences Academy

International Baccalaureate Academy

Academy of Science and Innovation

Technical Schools

A.I. Prince Tech

E.C. Goodwin Tech

Vocational Agriscience Centers

Harris Agriscience and Technology Center

**Students must sign up in the office to attend.

The sign up sheet is next to the counselor sign in book.**

Ways to Help the Terrones Family

  • Support the 7th and 8th grade dance on Friday, November 11th here at KP from 6:30 - 8:30pm. Consider donating your time to chaperone the dance, baking goodies to sell at the dance, or donating paper products. If you are willing to help, please contact Margie Scobbo at

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After-school Activities Schedule

This calendar hosts all of our after school activities, including Intramurals.

KP Daily Bulletin - Stay Up To Date

This Bulletin provides students, parents/caregivers, and staff members with important happenings. There is information about a number of school activities.

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Bridge Family Center Newsletter

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KP is collecting box tops! Have your child check with their team leader for the location of their team's collection box. Here is a link to frequently asked questions.