By: Caroline Turk

Should Parents Vaccinate their Children?

I believe that parents should vaccinate their children for multiple reasons. It keeps everybody safe from potential deadly diseases such as small pox or measles. It protects them so they can live a long, healthy lifestyle.

Why vaccinate?

Vaccines help and protect people from terrible diseases all over the world. Studies have shown that last year, in Europe alone, there were close to 3,900 cases of measles. It was a huge improvement from 2013, thanks to vaccines, when the number hit over 10,000 cases. In 1952 there were 57,879 cases of paralytic polio in America alone. Six years later, in 1961, after the vaccine was introduced, there were just 1,312 cases, a 98% reduction. Meanwhile, today, the number of cases, is zero. Before the introduction of the measles vaccine in the 1950s, over 3 to 4 million Americans caught the deadly disease each year. In 2012, there were only 55 cases. Without vaccines, many more people would have caught and possibly died from disease. Vaccines and getting vaccinations is very important because not only does it keep you healthy, but everyone around you too.

The other side

Why some don't vaccinate

Each year, more and more parents refuse to vaccinate their children. Studies have shown that 1.5 %to 2% of children aren't vaccinate nationwide, however that number grows to be more and more each year. A larger percentage are on a delayed shot schedule. Parents only want the best for their children, and some believe that skipping vaccinating their children is the best way to do so. Parents are concerned about rare side affects, allergic reactions, or pain to the child during the shot. One woman had fears about vaccinating her first child due to friends telling her that after their child received their shots, they were getting fevers. Another said that their daughter didn't open her eyes for a day after receiving four shots. Others go anti- vaccine due to religious beliefs stating that "all infectious diseases should be left in Gods hands" -The real vaccine scandal. Others worry that vaccines are linked to autism, though it's not 100% proven. All parents want to protect their children and some believe not vaccinating them is the best way to do so.


Most parents vaccinate their children so they can be healthy and become immune to harmful diseases. It reduces risks of deadly diseases such as measles or small pox. However, some children aren't vaccinated and the number of un-vaccinated kids grows each year. They aren't vaccinated because some parents worry about some of the side affects that can happen because of shots and vaccines, such as autism or allergic reactions. Others refuse due to religious purposes. This sparks the question, should parents vaccinate their children?