Getting Started with Everyday Math


  • Research and development began at the University of Chicago in 1983
  • Based on the same body of research NCTM used to identify best practice
  • Research on massed practice vs. spaced practice led to spiral curriculum
  • Honors informal math understanding that children bring to school

What about the spiral?

Spiral structure is a key component of Everyday Math because research indicates that spaced practice is more effective than massed practice.

With previous Everyday Math editions, the saying was, "Trust the Spiral." EM4 includes a more transparent spiral.

  • Spiral Snapshot: Included within each lesson, just a segment
  • Spiral Trace: Included in introduction for each unit, shows standard trajectories for unit
  • Spiral Tracker: Complete "Big Picture" look at standards, included in online resources
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What print materials come with our kits?

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How does Everyday Math fit with Balanced Math and Math Workshop?

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Everyday Math Online Resources

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