Robet Falcon Scott

An antarctic explorer

Start of the journey

Robet Falcon Scott participated in thje race to the South pole. He went with 11 other people but only 5 were able to reach the south pole. Roald Amundsen were competing against them.

Middle of the journey

They crew used ponies, dogs and motor sledges but travelled by night for the benefit of ponies. They fell in crevasses and were affected with snow bilndness. Temperatures never rose over -18 degrees celsius. Finally on the fifteenth day, they reached one ton camp. The snow melted which made it soft which sank up to their knees and made it hard for then to carry 200 pounds. On 13th of december, the crew travelled less than 4 miles in 9 hours.

Seven days later, Rthey ate dogs which made them sick beacause of the source of vitamin D. Robert sent four people back home.They finally reached hut point on the 26th of january. When they left hut point robert sent another 3 people back.

End of the journey

They had 97 miles left which took them ten days to complete because of weather conditions especially on the 17th. the temperatures reached up to 30 degrees celsius and there were strong head winds which gave them frostbite. Finally they reached the south pole but unfortunately, Roald Amundsen arrived first.