The Northwest Coast

A family of fish

The Northwest coast is a great place to be. The people use their surroundings of water and trees to their advantage. They eat mainly fish and marine animals, because of the plentiful amounts of them in the pacific, but they also hunt small game, and gather berries and nuts. For shelter, they make large, planked houses out of the trees. The door poles on these houses have large, colorful family crests on them. Since they have so many trees and small animals they wear simple, rough shirts or robes made of shredded bark or fur. In the summer the men wear breech cloths, while the women wear plant-fiber skirts. Their arts include baskets, carved wooden boxes, decorated hides, canoes, hammered copper, and totem poles, which have no religious significance to them. They use lots of weapons in war, like clubs, spears, daggers, and bows, but they also have harpoons for fishing. The Indians from the Pacific coast used their environment and surroundings to create a great society.