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Happenings In Panther Nation - December 2019

This is one of my favorite times of the year!! From Thanksgiving through New Years, we have so many opportunities to gather together as a family and spend time celebrating, reminiscing, and enjoying each others company.

Even though this is one of my favorite times, there is something during this time of the year that causes me stress. It is something that causes me to pause and wonder. Something that causes me to squint and really explore. And sometimes it even makes me gasp!!

This “something” is when I walk by a mirror!! I tend to find myself looking in the mirror as I walk by and stopping and trying to figure out how and when I started looking so old. It causes me to take a closer look and notice how much less hair I have. At times I even exhale disgustedly at how much weight I have put on!!

The look in the mirror sometimes causes us to be frustrated, disgusted, angry and even defeated. We tend to have a hard time accepting the image we see as real and may even wonder if we are looking at a trick mirror!! But the truth is that a mirror is simply providing a reflection of our true self. I may spend time justifying the things I see that I don’t like, but they are still real and just a reflection of me.

I can accept what I see and stay frustrated, angry, and defeated, or I can own the truth and begin changing things. To make a lasting change, I must change myself and stop blaming other factors and believing that changing them will change me.

As I was thinking about this, I realized this same scenario could play out in our professional and personal life. We can look at the environment around us and see it as uninviting. We can evaluate our relationships and label them as negative. We can reflect on our daily routines and decide that they are draining all the energy out of our life. But wouldn’t this be like looking at a mirror, and all these events be a reflection of us and how we are approaching life? Could it be possible that the outcomes we are experiencing in our professional and personal lives are being driven by our approach to our daily walk?

Just as we have the opportunity to see ourselves in a mirror and then make a conscious decision to make changes in our lives, we have the same opportunity in our professional and personal life. If we see certain areas as less than desirable, then we have the power to alter our approach and create the momentum that produces an improved situation. We have the capacity to influence our relationships and transform them into a positive part of our life.

In the end, how we view our life is a direct reflection of each of us. We own it, and we have the capability to shape it and design the life that we dream about. I challenge each of us to take an honest look at our life as if we are in looking in a mirror and seeing a reflection of ourselves. Determine what you like and what needs to change, take ownership, and develop an action plan for productive change, and then move in a positive direction by changing yourself!! We must embrace Principle #3 from The Energy Bus - Fuel Your Ride With Positive Energy!!


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School Board Update

During the December Board Meeting, the following items came before the School Board:

Dr. Penn presented an overview of the School Financial Integrity Rating System and the Westwood ISD rating.

Christine Bedre presented an overview of the Impact Cycle. In the report, she focused on Phase II: Learn.

Dr. Penn presented an overview of Tier II funding.

Mr. Stanford presented an overview of TASB Policy Update 114. This presentation was a 1st Read and will be presented for approval in the January board meeting.

The School Board selected Ms. Pat Jolly as the 2020 Proud Panther recipient.

The School Board unanimously voted for Leonard Armstrong to serve as Board of Director representative for the Anderson County Central Appraisal District.