Kid Safe

Play Ground Safety

Why is the playground hazardous?

  • Height of fall from equipment
  • Inadequate guardrails
  • Inadequate safe play surfaces
  • Entrapment hazards
  • Trip hazards, objects that protrude, and pinch points
  • Inadequate maintenance of equipment
  • Equipment that is not recommended for use in playgrounds, such as plank swings, boat swings, roundabouts, maypoles, climbing rockets and old machinery.

Four safety concerns about the playground?

  • Climbing frames and monkey bars are responsible for 36% of injuries
  • Trampolines (22%),
  • Slides (12%)
  • Swings (6%).

10 Saftey rules to follow to be safe in the playground?

  • Active parental supervision is the best safeguard against injury
  • Check the play space to identify any hazards, and remove or guard against the hazard where possible
  • Ensure children are dressed in appropriate shoes and clothing
  • Children should not wear hats with cords, to lower the risk of strangulation or entrapment
  • Teach children safe play practices, such as taking turns and playing gently to reduce the risk of injury
  • Ensure play spaces are age appropriate for your child