Reading Recovery®: Top to Bottom

From the Upper Peninsula to Southern Michigan

September 2019

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Reading Recovery Works

This two pager can help schools, administrators, and teachers identify things to focus on in order to improve the implementation of Reading Recovery to best meet the needs of students.

Extended Benefits of Reading Recovery

This 3 minute video provides an administrators perspective on how investing in Reading Recovery can benefit many aspects of the school's culture and learning.
Why Reading Recovery Works - Extended Benefits

Reading Recovery Connections

Reading Recovery and the MSV Myth

BLOG: The Stories We Tell Ourselves: Reading Recovery and the MSV Myth by Jeffery Williams

"...the myth that Reading Recovery does not teach phonics or phonemic awareness, because the visual system is somehow less important, is also false. So why then are these stories so closely linked to Reading Recovery?"

Jeffery Williams, Reading Recovery Teacher Leader and K-12 Literacy Leader from Solon, Ohio explores the MSV myth that often causes debate among literacy professionals.

For Parents

How Reading Recovery Helps Your Child Learn

Learning to read is complex, and it is not uncommon for beginning readers to struggle. Research shows that children have individual learning strengths, and schools offer many alternative programs. We know parents are concerned about the challenges that learning difficulties, including dyslexia, appear to create for children learning to read and write. We want to assure you that Reading Recovery is a powerful first-grade intervention for any struggling learner.

This resource shows parents how Reading Recovery's specially trained teachers individually design and deliver lessons to build on the child's strengths.

For School Administrators

Phonemic Awareness and Phonics in Reading Recovery

"Phonemic awareness is defined as the ability to notice, think about, and work with the individual sounds in spoken words. Phonics instruction teaches children the relationships between the letters (graphemes) of written language and the individual sounds (phonemes) of spoken language."

For Teachers

What's the Fuss About Phonics and Word Study

Pat Scharer's Spring 2019 article from the Journal of Reading Recovery identifies misunderstandings in literature over time and confirms how Reading Recovery teachers provide instruction in phonemic awareness and word analysis and both reading and writing activities of every lesson.

Bottom Line

Reading Recovery Parent:

"Amazing program with great end results. Our child has become more confident in school reading out-loud to classmates and is encouraged and inspired to learn."

- Blackbird Elementary, Harbor Springs

Reading Recovery Parent:

"Reading Recovery helped my child tremendously when she was struggling. It has had a great impact on her reading, which improved her experience at school in multiple ways."

- Jackson Christian Elementary, Jackson

Classroom Teacher:

"Reading program gold = Reading Recovery!"

- Ezra Eby Elementary, Napoleon

Upcoming Events

Grant Applications

The Reading Recovery Council of North America is pleased to announce the availability of professional development grants for attendance to the 2020 National Conference. The value of each grant is $1,000. Visit the RRCNA Grants and Scholarships webpage for more information or to download an application and submit by September 27, 2019.

The deadline to apply for a Geri Stone Memorial Fund Grant is THIS Friday, Sept. 13, 2019. Download an application. Awards in the amount of $500 - $750 can help fund

  • Training of new Reading Recovery teachers, teacher leaders, or university trainers
  • Professional development for Reading Recovery teachers
  • National Reading Recovery & K-6 Literacy Conference attendance
  • Reading Recovery Council of Michigan conference attendance
  • Reading Recovery teachers and/or administrators who need assistance with early literacy advocacy, research, and evaluation

Reading Recovery Council of Michigan 2019 Institute

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Reading Recovery Council of North America

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RRCNA Learning Library

RRCNA’s Learning Library features valuable resources for Reading Recovery and early literacy professionals including (must be a RRCNA member to access):
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RRCNA e-Learning Center~Online Professional Development

Customize and track your online professional development ~ Must be an RRCNA member to access.


Information Compiled By Reading Recovery Teacher Leaders:

Brooke Beacom

Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District Reading Recovery Site

Maeghan McCormick

Jackson County Intermediate School District Reading Recovery Site