News Release



  • Current status of the Petition: Protect the Children—Stop Sexually Explicit Interviews of Mormon Youth.
  • Presentation of 273 Victim Impact Statements.
  • LDS Church response to silence the petition organizer

Three speakers will be on the podium:

  • Sam Young, former Mormon bishop, petition organizer;
  • Michael Norris, sex abuse victims’ advocate, Houston Area Director of SNAP, the Survivors Network;
  • Natasha Helfer Parker, a certified sex therapist and licensed marriage & family therapist.

For decades, it has been common place for a significant number of LDS Bishops to pose questions of a sexual nature to children, all alone, behind closed doors. This practice has caused incalculable damage to our children. This was discussed in a recent Houston Chronicle article:

ProtectLDSChildren believes that the damaging consequences have made a severely negative-irreparable impact on Mormon youth. The goal of ProtectLDSChildren is to bring a halt to these dangerous and damaging interviews.

The petition has now garnered over 13,000 signatures.

This press conference will be focused around bringing this practice to an immediate stop to protect our children - the next generation.

For more information contact: Sam Young 713-306-9216

Protect LDS Children

Tuesday, Feb. 6th, 10am

6400 High Star Drive

Houston, TX

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