Hurry, Freedom Novel Study

By Danika

What is a Conductor?

Well a Conductor a that save the slaves and bring them to Canada.

Describe what a day in the life of a slave would be like:

You try to sleep in the

What is a Safehouse

A safehouse is when somebody lives in a safehouse it be safe. The safehouse used to hide slaves.

What is a Abolitionist

A abolitionist is somebody that helps the slaves.
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Why is Harriet Tubman Important? Who is she ?

Harriet Tubman is important because she saved 100's of slaves. She is important because she didn't lose one passenger on the Underground Railroad.
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Tell me 3 things you remember about Hurry, Freedom

1) Doctor Ross is a conductor. Dr. Ross put Sarah and her kids in to the back of the wagon

2) If you rub a lead 3 times it can take you to a new place

3)Emily and Matt save the boy life