CTSS Carnival

Get ready to fill the entire day with fun and laughter

Come on In

Welcome to Clementi Town Secondary School Carnival. The place where you will spend your entire day with joy and interesting things. You will be guaranteed that you will not waste your ticket. There are lots of games and surprises scattered all around the school.Stalls providing mouth watering treats and so much more. And for the epic finale, There will be a Mediacorp artiste making an appearance at the carnival!

Exciting Games

Where there is a carnival, there is a game. And of course, every carnival have their own unique games. And for this CTSS Carnival, we present you something like no other. We have lots of exciting games lined up just for you.

Interested in dunking teachers? This is the perfect time for it! Join us now at the field and get ready to witness teachers being DUNK! Not just any regular teachers being tossed into the cold water tank, even the Vice Principal have volunteered to be dunked. Make sure you do not miss this once and a lifetime opportunity!

Culinary surprises

Food stalls are the second must have booth at a carnival. After a day of activities, people will look for refreshing drinks and appetizing food.Refill up your energy at the "All Around the World Cafe". As the name says, we serve food from all around the world including spicy Mexican food, fancy European food and even Singapore homemade dishes that will satisfy your hunger. Not only that, we also provide refreshing beverages such as our special ice float coca cola and many more drinks that will surely conquer your thirst. Start queuing up now at B2-01 before the line gets longer.

Start ordering now

Hurry up and buy your tickets now to prevent the long queue at the carnival day. Tickets will still be sold in the General Office on that day in the form of $10 coupons. Should you have any enquiries, please contact our school General Office at 0123 -7567. So what are you waiting for, come join us now and we will be looking forward in meeting you.


Saturday, Jul 6th, 11am-4:30pm

10 Clementi Avenue 3