Make beautiful newsletters, flyers, and handouts.

What is it?

S'more, found at https://smore.com is an easy to make beautiful newsletters, flyers, and handouts for use in and out of the classroom.

How does it work?

Students and educators can sign in using only an email and password -- for free, or get an educator account and share it with all of your students for only $59/year.

Once logged in simply use the ready-made templates to design newsletters, flyers, and other handouts. S'more is simple and allows you to be as creative and original as you want -- or not! and instead take advantage of the provided professional looking templates.

Use it in your classroom!

But how am I going to use S'more?

Glad you asked! Here some ideas about how to use S'more....

  • Have students it to create a poster advertising a classic play like Romeo and Juliet.
  • Have students design the proclamation poster for dystopian classics like Fahrenheit 451, and Handmaiden's Tale.
  • Have students persuade you to come to a particular event, donate to a cause, or make a change using an informational and persuasive story.
  • Have students design a newsletter for their classroom.
  • Use it as paraphrasing activity -- have students paraphrase a complex article such that a younger sibling could understand it.
  • Have students tell the real story of a fictional character.
  • And many more ideas! The sky is the limit!