Mobile apps that can be used in a K-12 classroom

Journal Jar

Journal Jar creates a writing prompt for students that are having difficultly thinking up topics on what to write. It is available on all operating systems, as long as there is a browser.


Woices (or world voices) is a website that allows students to explore different regions around the world. They can also research on a particular place and create a recording relating to it so that an audience can listen. It is available to download at the App Store and the Play Store. This would be a great resource for social studies classes!


Pocket allows students to 'pocket' or store articles, videos, or anything they find online so that they can review it at a later time and at their own convenience. It syncs to other devices that are connected to the user's pocket account so that they can view it easily. When it becomes synced, it can be viewed offline so a student can potentially view it on their bus ride home, for example!


See.Touch.Learn is a substitution for flash cards but now with additional applications to it! Students or teachers can create their own lessons with this app. Instead of just having words on a flashcard, images can be associated with the flashcard to assist in student learning.

Tap to Talk

Tap to Talk assists individuals with verbal limitations or special needs. It is available in several different languages, such as English and French. Individuals can use this app to assist them with daily activities, such as what to eat, who to play with, or whether they need to use the bathroom. It is a great tool for assisting learning for individuals that need it.