Student Council

Fall Conference

Fall Conference

Homecoming is finished, freshman officers have been elected, and it is time to look forward to the rest of the school year and begin to plan the next event. The Fall Conference is an opportunity for the entire Student Council to meet for the first time!

Student Council - Fall Conference

Sunday, Oct. 4th, 3pm

1400 Buffalo Road

West Des Moines, IA

Please join the entire Student Council for a special meeting to discuss Homecoming, the upcoming Blood Drive, Winter Formal and other events.

We will meet in the Board Room across from the Principal's Office. Please enter through the east Attendance Office doors.

While we understand that everyone is involved and busy, we would like to emphasize that this conference is important to our group. As an elected official, we ask that you make every effort to attend.


3:00 - welcome (prayer, greet new officers, light refreshments)
3:10 - attendance (ensure all class officers and student council members are present)
3:15 - meeting begins
4:15 - meeting adjourns

The Fall Conference is scheduled for Sunday, October 4th. The meeting is in the afternoon, providing you opportunity to attend Mass with your family in the morning, or at St. Theresa 4:30pm "last chance" Mass.