Blend Space Reflection

Based on Slides 2-9

Slide 2

This slide discussed, in a rather simple summation, who Shakespeare was and what kind of legacy he left behind.

Slide 3

I found it rather interesting how some of his works were translated into Klingon, which doesn't even make sense to me.

Slide 4

As self explanatory as this slide is, I didn't even know Shakespeare made up his own insults. That's kind of intriguing.

Slide 5

I was aware that Shakespeare is responsible for making up a couple of words that we still use today. However, I didn't know that the list was this extensive.

Slide 6

From my background knowledge of this book, I always thought Hamlet was a twisted Shakespearean take on romance, such as Romeo and Juliet. I never knew that it was more about hatred than anything.

Slide 7

In this slide, I learned about Dactyls in poetry. I didn't realize that poets had to put forth this much effort into writing a simple poem. I just assumed that all author's and poets were naturally gifted and could simply write creatively without thinking.

Slide 8

I found this monologue quiet intriguing, even though I couldn't fully comprehend what he was getting so upset about, you could truly feel the emotion in his tone. Not the man speaking, however the words that he was using- the words written by Shakespeare.

Slide 9

According to this slide, I am most like Beatrice. I don't even know what play this is from, but interesting, I guess.


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