By Josie Settembrino

What is it??

FAS stands for "Fetal Alcohol Syndrome". It is when a child is born with a range of disorders and disabilities due to the mother drinking while she was pregnant. 51% of women between age 26-34 report the use of alcohol in the past month. 53% of women between age 15-25 also report the use of alcohol in the past month.

What are the Effects??

The effects of FAS are

  • mental retardation
  • malformations of the skeletal system and important organ system like the heart and brain
  • inhibited growth
  • central nervous system complications
  • difficulty with learning, memory, socialization, attention span, and problem solving

FAS Related Pictures

Characteristics of Somebody with FAS

Some characteristics of somebody with FAS are

  • wide-set eyes
  • thin upper lip
  • a short, upturned nose
  • smooth skin between nose and upper lip (no cupid's bow)
  • joint, finger, and limb disfigurement
  • slow physical growth
  • vision and hearing difficulties
  • small head and brain
  • heart defects and kidney and bone problems


There is no direct cure or treatment medicine for FAS. Things like the physical disabilities are most likely to last a lifetime. There are some things that could reduce the effects of FAS and/or prevent secondary disabilities.