Theology 2 Semester Exam

By Nate Grundy

The Original State of Man; Original Sin and its Consequences

Originally Adam and Eve were living in complete peace wit God and they never sinned or died. Everything was great and they had all that they could ask for and everything was perfect in every way. God told Adam and Eve to not eat from the tree of knowledge. But the disobeyed him and ate from the tree. This is called original sin. this introduced sin into the world for everyone. Every human is born with it. This sin banished Adam and Eve from the garden and let the feelings of pain and suffering into the world. This sin is also what introduced death, before this sin no one died and everyone lived in peace and harmony.
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Words Became Flesh

The word became flesh for expiation, reconciliation, and restoration. This means that since Adam and Eve gave us sin we needed a savior someone to forgive us. God sent us Jesus to die for our sins so we have a way to get into heaven and live with God for eternity. The word became flesh to manifest God's love. God sent us Jesus to show how much he loves us. God loves us so much that he sent his only son to die for our sins. The word became flesh to offer a model of holiness. This means that God sent us Jesus not only to save us from our sins but also to give us a model to live by so that we know if we live like that one person and follow him we can get into heaven and live with God for eternity. The word become flesh to allow a share in divine life. God became man to, also, experience his own life as divine. While Jesus was on earth he instituted some very important elements in the catholic faith. These elements being the seven holy sacraments.

The Paschal Mystery

The pascal mystery has showed us many things. Such as people learning how to appreciate the great evil of sin and also the even greater love of God. We can not instantly see the harm that sin has on us as soon as we sin, but the harm is there. When Christ had passion, death, and resurrection this shows us mans redemption. When Jesus rose from the dead it was the greatest miracle that he ever did. This fully showed us his divinity and proved that he is not only human but both human and God. The final thing is that when Jesus rose into heaven he promised everyone a second coming and salvation for all that fully believe in him and live out his grace.

The Theological Virtues

The three theological virtues consist of Faith, Hope, and Charity/Love. Faith is when we accept truths guaranteed by the authority of God. Faith is when we seek to understand God. Its when we are devotional to God and we put all of out faith in God then continue to learn and understand him as best we can. Faith is something we need to fully accept God. Hope is when we are completely confident in will respond to us and to confidence in his salvation plan for each and ever one of us. Things we cans do that goes against hope are things such as despair when we give up on God and full ourselves with doubt. Another example would be presumption which is expecting salvation without trying to live out God's grace and just not trying. Hope is essential in gaining access into heaven. Charity or Love is what causes a person to put God first and love God above all things. We should love God because he created us and "he first loved us." Without this virtue we cannot get into heaven because eternal life with God requires that we put him first and love him above everything else in our lives. All these virtues are the things we need to live by to get into heaven and spend eternity with God.


Prayer is the way we communicate one on one with God. In this we can pray a prayer that he gave us, such as Our Father, Glory Be, etc, or we could make our own prayer. in making our own prayer we can ask him anything. We can pray for people or pray for help on something. God answers our prayers in mysterious way, sometimes we may not even realize that God helped us in that thing because usually it is something suddle but also answers the prayers we have given him. God gave us prayers because originally we asked him to teach us how to pray so that we could talk to God on a more personal level. When God answers our prayers it is the way he speaks back to us. God doesn't usually speak back but when he answers our prayers he is communicating back to us making prayer a continuous prayer between us and God. We end prayers with the word "Amen". In Hebrew "Amen" means "so be it". This means that we are done with that prayer and we are proclaiming that our prayer has been said and is over.

The Four Marks of the Church

The four marks of the Church consist of one, holy, catholic, and apostolic. When we say "one" we are referring to unity and togetherness. This is saying that the entire church is one community and we are brought together as one and united in Christ. The unity of Christ's people is what has kept Christianity around for so long. Holiness comes from Jesus Christ him self. Since he was both human and divine he gave the people who follow him holiness. Jesus instituted the sacraments which make us holy and the sacraments happen in a Church and Jesus made his churches holy as well. When we say catholic in this manner the word catholic means "universal". This meaning that all people are called by God for salvation it is just a matter of whether we accept God or not. We are universally called by God to join his church and to achieve salvation. The word apostolic in this case means that Christ's church was founded by the apostles. The apostles were the ones who carried on the teachings of Christ and founded the Church. The sacrament of holy orders is what continues on the apostolic part of the church to this very day.

The Last Things

Death is when we our souls leave our human body. We leave our earthly lives to move on to something eternal. After we die our souls are judged by God. When this happens God examines our soul and our life on earth. If we lived out Gods will and were good we went to heaven or purgatory, but if we rejected God on earth we will go to a place of eternal suffering called hell. Heaven is a place we go if we live out Gods will. It is eternal happiness with God and other people who lived out his work on earth. Heaven is what all Christians are trying to achieve. Hell is a place we go if we fully rejected God on earth. Hell is a place of eternal suffering with the devil and we all try to stay away from here because we want to get into heaven with God for eternity.

Parousia (Purgatory)

Purgatory is a place where most people go before entering heaven. This is a place where our souls go if they still have sins on them to be purified so that we may enter into heaven and be with God. This comes after judgement and is the step that will purify our souls so that we may enter into heaven. Purgatory is neither as good as heaven or as bad as hell it is somewhere in between.