Social Studies Department Updates

November, 2015

We sometimes emerge from behind our computers!

GCSS State Fair Announcement

We will be offering students the opportunity to participate in the 2016 GCSS statewide Social Studies fair. I will hold an informational meeting on December 1st at 7:30 pm via Adobe Connect. Please encourage students to attend by posting and date restricting the following news announcements in your courses sometime before the end of the semester. Please see Edmodo GAVS Social Studies group for the announcement embed code Thank you for your support!
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Did you know that you can grade quizzes directly from the gradebook and get the feedback to show up in the grade tool for the students?

1. Use the drop down arrow to grade all in the grade book column.
2. Select Attempt 1 in the grade book, grade, and save.
3. Select completion summary in the small attempt window.
4. Enter overall feedback and save. Your feedback shows in your grade column and to the students and QAS.
See images below.


We have some reminders for you.

  • Put a comment or grading stamp to accompany 0 grades in the gradebook feedback box. The comment must include the late policy . Continue to enter the policy for non responsive students as well.

  • All quizzes, discussions, and dropbox items must have feedback.

  • Contact stakeholders of failing students. Check stakeholders listed in Thesis before replying to requests for information about students.

  • Be sure accommodations for extended time are in place in the quiz section.

  • Add a grading comment to items with accommodations for extra time and reduced schedules.

  • Update course news weekly. You can compose these ahead of time and schedule them. Mark the items expired, but do not delete them when you no longer want them to show in the course so that a record of these announcements shows. You may want to reuse them next semester. If you delete, they disappear forever. Some things are forever.

  • Post your remediation opportunities with a deadline to student submissions. Confer with others teaching the same courses to plan for differentiation and remediation items.

Discussion Presentation to JIT

Dana and Freda were invited to present Discussion Tips to JIT group. Teachers who submitted their tips and screen shots are appreciated. Here are the links to the presentation and to the adobe connect recording.

Web 2.0 Tools

Erin Hall and Erin Mitchell shared outstanding Web 2.0 tools. We are not able to recommend many to our GAVS students at this time, but they are useful for teacher created materials. Click here to view the presentation.
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Final Exam Review

Prepare your students for the upcoming final exams and Milestone EOC. To help prepare, you may want to offer your students an Adobe Chat review, post a news item in your courses with review tips and suggestions, send review suggestions home to stakeholders in bi-weekly news updates, create a clever, attention grabbing video, and/or create a discussion to answer questions about the final exam. Remind students to take advantage of USATESTPEP and Shmoop.

Remediation Policy

During the school year, there are often opportunities to extend students’ learning or to provide enrichment or alternative assessments for students to demonstrate their knowledge. When offering remediation opportunities to students, instructors have two options:

1. Extra Points: Students may be given an opportunity to earn extra points on an existing assignment by submitting corrections or revising the assignment in accordance with the instructor’s feedback. An opportunity to earn extra points should be worth no more than 10% of the assignment value (original maximum assignment value). Extra points should be added to the original assignment grade; and a note should be included in the assignment feedback. Since opportunities should be offered to all students, a student may earn extra points in excess of 100%. Teachers will need to modify the grade item settings to allow the grade to exceed 100%. To modify the grade item settings, teachers will:

* Select Manage Grades

* Locate and select the grade item you need to modify

* Select the radio button next to “Can Exceed”

* Save

2. Extra Learning Opportunity: Students may be given the opportunity to replace a grade on a previous assignment by completing an entirely different assignment that addresses the same standards as the original assignment. The replacement grade should take the place of the original grade in the gradebook; and a note should be included in the assignment feedback.

When offering students an opportunity for remediation please adhere to the following guidelines:

* If remediation or enrichment opportunities are offered, they should be available to all students.

* Remediation or enrichment grades should be a part of a current grade item and NOT a separate bonus item.

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Thanks for all you do for your GAVS students every day! We want to know how you are doing and if you have questions. Also, please continue to share best practices with the department. We are better together!