Canada in 2060

The changes Canada will have in 2060

Starting you off

Hey reader! Glad to see you're reading my take on Canada in 2060. Throughout this flyer I'll be doing a compare and contrast between Canada in 2060 with topics such as immagration, demography, and the first nations.


Let us start off with immagration. At the moment Canada takes in about 250,000 immagrants a year which is a pretty hefty number and a large amount are from China and and Phillipines. Ontario is where the most immagrants go. As you see below Canada is one of the most desired countries to go to because of reasons such a free health care, the diversity, and great job and eductaion oppurtintiues. I believe in 2060 the immagration rate will take a fall because of reasons such as Canada taking fewer immagrants by increasing the bar of the point system, and set new immagration laws making it hareder to get in Canada. Even places like China and the phillipines could have a drastic popualtion decrease or the Phillipines and India could implement the one child law, China could make it more strict.
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Moving on to the next topic, demography. At the current time Canada has birth rate of 10.28 and a death rate of 7.87 which are quite good, that gives Canada a natural increase rate of 2.41. As you see in the image bwlow Canada is stationary at the moment we arent expanding or contracting, just stationary. I belive in 2060 our birth rate will still stay stationary but we will become expanding in population growth because many baby boomers will pass taking away from older ages quite a bit on the popualtion pyramid.
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First nations

Moving on to the most controversial subject in Canadian history, the First nations. Right now the First nations and the Canadian goverment have had quite a grudge against eachother, goes all the way back to residential schools where many bad things happened to the natives. Issues such as the First nations chief salaries and discrimination against First nations. I belive in the future for Canada to grow enonomically and just overall become a better country we need to solve the problems we have with the First nations. As we see below alot of Canadas younger population are First nations meaning in about 10-15 years from now they'll have a high popualtion of people able to work.
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Demographics of Canada's Future Workforce


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There are my ideas on how Canada will look in 2060 with attention payed to it's immagration, demography, and the First nations. Thanks for reading


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