life on the goldfields

The Eureka Stockade



The daily life on the goldfields was hard. The men mined for gold while the women cleaned and cooked. They used many tools like a pan, a pickaxe and a cradle. The food was scarce and the only food they ate was damper and mutton.

Men and women

The men worked like a machine for hours. When they came home their clothes would be dirty and torn apart. The men would tell the wife what happened in the mines, eat and tell them if they have found gold. During day women would clean, cook and look after their children like a robot


The tools they used in the goldfields were a pickaxe, a spade, a pan, a cradle, windglass and a bucket. The men use the tools for mining underground and in the water. They use a pickaxe for finding gold in stone or caves, a shovel to dig in the ground, a pan to find gold in the water, a cradle to find gold in rocks and a wind glass use for getting gold in dark deep, holes


The food they ate in the goldfields was disgusting, awful and supple. The only food they ate was damper, mutton and salted meat. If they could afford it they would eat beef and pork and sometimes tinned dog. Damper was mad out of salt, water and flour, mutton was an old, weak sheep.

Life on the goldfields was tough, challenging and revolting. The males and females worked and did housekeeping like an engine. The tools were cheap, rusty and old. The food they ate was old, low-priced and unhealthy

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