SIGnificant News

Vassar College Campus

A Closing Note from the Director

We have had a great time this summer at SIG Vassar. It has been wonderful getting to know all the students and watching them grow in maturity and socially. Friendships have blossomed. Our primary goal at SIG is to meet students' intellectual needs. Besides the classroom though, their social contacts at SIG give gifted students an opportunity to be with their intellectual peers and enjoy the fellowship of like minded individuals. It has been a pleasure to see your children flourish. Enjoy the remainder of your summer, and we hope to see you next year!

Student Life

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A Note from the Student Life Dean:

It has been a pleasure getting to work with and know each camper at SIG Vassar this summer. Each child brought a unique personality to our camp which made it a memorable experience for both staff and students alike. Encourage your child to keep in touch with his/her friends and send any of their favorite photos to
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A Note from the Academic Dean

Thanks to all for an amazing SIG at Vassar! The students built sculptures, algorithms, rockets, ice cream, lava lamps, spy stories, while sharing vast stores of ideas and dancing to new songs. At SIG, possibility is where we end.