September Newsletter


Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school! We are settling in at Eden Hall and are looking forward to getting to know your child better each day.

School Refusal

Some students struggle with the transition back to school. It is normal for them to be a little worried or upset about leaving home from time to time. It is important to give your child about three weeks to settle into a new routine. If after three weeks your child is still upset about coming to school you may be dealing with something more. There are resources to help you if your child is dealing with anxiety about school.

We have a Student Assistance Program at Eden Hall that provides you with a mental health professional to complete an assessment of your child and give you resources that you can pursue outside of school.

Contact your child's counselor if you are in need of a mental health assessment for your child.

Additional resources:

Mrs. Jennifer Miller, Mrs. Brad-Leigh Coker, Mrs. Lauren Hawrylak

School Counselor for 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade