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When Is Emergency Dental Care Needed?

To the common folks on the street, they can never understand the need for emergency care in dentistry. Sometimes, injuries to the head could not be restricted to just the outsides of the mouth alone and hence an emergency dentist needs to be called in to repair the damage. The main reason is that the injury to the mouth and teeth are such that it needs immediate care to bring it under control most of the time.

One of the prime reasons why people are referred to emergency dentistry is due to huge loss of blood which can lead to more serious issues from taking place. Thus, the first step would be to prevent the continued bleeding and to contain the damage to the teeth as best as could be done. The typical causality room of a good hospital would be with the necessary ability to handle the emergencies that occur from day to day.

The preventive steps to take to minimize the issue with emergencies

The first step to take is to see to that no further damage is done to the teeth or surrounding tissue when in an emergency situation. Often in the case of broken teeth or teeth that have lost the root moorings, it is necessary to wash them in clean water and store them with ice packs and saline solutions around them.

It is possible to repair the damaged teeth to a certain extent and the affected persons should be willing to take the necessary steps to give the practicing dentist the best shot possible. Most paramedics are trained to preserve broken teeth and such matters so as to be able to affect a complete reconstruction.

The role of the cosmetic dentist in emergency dentistry

One of the first people to come to the treatment regime would be the implant surgeons who seek to make order out of the mess that usually emergency dentistry would bring about. Considering that this is one of the most unpredictable of dental procedures it often does not get covered in medical insurance and the likes. Thus, the treating doctor is aware of the limitations of the situation and tries to manage the situation as best as can be done.

Like the rest of the emergency treatments, the time factor is key to successfully handling a situation. Unless people are well versed with the procedures; pre-operative and post-operative, it really does not make much sense to be working on patients.


One of the most distressing issues with emergency dental care is that a lot of procedures are not covered in most plans. The reason is because of the rather subjective nature of the treatments which makes it rather difficult to put a figure to the treatment costs most of the time. Thus, the insurance companies cannot come to a definitive conclusion on what constitutes a fair treatment cost and thus they avoid its pursuance.

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