iPad iCamp Workshop

January 15, 2016 - wfryer.me/icamp06 - by @wfryer & @sfryer

Meet Your Workshop Leaders from Oklahoma City

Wesley Fryer (@wfryer) is the Director of Technology at Casady School. (speedofcreativity.org & stem.wesfryer.com) Shelly Fryer (@sfryer) teaches 3rd and 4th grade at Positive Tomorrows. (shellyfryer.com & classroom.shellyfryer.com) Wes' ShowWithMedia.com website features 12 media projects students & teachers can create.

Access Our Digital Handout

All the resources from our workshop are available on a shared Google Document. Use the QR code on the right, or the link wfryer.me/icamp06 to access it on your iPad, laptop, phone or other device.

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