Weehawken High School News

November 2018

WHS Marching Band Wins 5th State Championship!

For the second consecutive year, the Weehawken HS Marching Band was crowned State USBands Champions for Group 1A Open Class . Under the direction of first year instructors Ryan Gorman and Rebecca Andrews, the band posted a championship score of 90.375, winning captions for Best Visual Performance, Best Overall Effect, Best Color Guard, and Best Percussion in capturing their 5th title.

WHS has continued to dominate in New Jersey, making themselves one of the premier Group 1 programs, not only in NJ, but nationally. In their quest for a 3rd National Championship in Allentown, PA, the Indians placed 3rd with a season high score of 92.65 winning the award for Best Music.

This year's show, "Caravan", featured music from Bizet's opera "Carmen" and original music by Randall Standridge. Part I of the show was "Caravan", Part II was "The Fortune Teller", while Part III was "The Dance". Both Gorman and Andrews expect to contend again next year, as they are graduating only 6 seniors. The Band finished their whirlwind week hosting their 10th Annual Band Festival at Weehawken Stadium. Host to 11 bands, the festival was a nice finish for a remarkable season.

Faculty and Student Host First Annual Colasurdo Softball Fundraiser

On a beautiful November afternoon, Weehawken High School staff and students met at the scenic Waterfront Park to partake in the first ever Anthony Colasurdo Softball Fundraiser game. Over 85 participants, including Colasurdo's three sons and widow, Pam, came together to help raise more than $1500 for the Colasurdo Scholarship Fund.

A devoted musician, Colasurdo was an English teacher for over 30 years before taking on the reins as Vice Principal at WHS and Principal at Daniel Webster School, before spending his final two years as Principal of WHS. He also served as head baseball coach, winning three consecutive Division titles, and over 300 wins earning him a place in the Weehawken Athletic Hall of Fame in 2016.

Classic rock, featuring tunes from Peter Frampton and the Beatles, filled the air as staff and students mixed it up on the field. It was an incredible blend of all things Tony Colasurdo; music, softball and students that he cared so passionately about. The 46-year veteran, who played as shortstop and pitcher for many adult leagues, would have been proud of his former colleagues as they trounced the students 20-2. Led by his son Anthony who blasted a home-run in the 4th to put the game away, the staff overwhelmed their younger counterparts. But the tone of the day was not at all about the final score. It was about getting together to play and honor a man who represented Weehawken and meant so much to so many,

WHS Re-Dedicates WWI Markers

Weehawken historian Donna Daly recently came across an article about 4 stone markers dedicated to fallen WWI WHS students. The markers themselves, overrun by grass and hidden from view, had been long forgotten. Daly reached out to Acting Principal Robert Ferullo to see if there was a way to give the memorials the respect and home they deserve. Ferullo reached out to newly elected Councilman Dave Curtis and an excellent idea was hatched to not only refurbish the markers, but to permanently move them.

Together with Weehawken historian Lauren Sherman, the group sketched ideas on moving the markers more prominently in front of the Highwood Avenue flagpole, with a plaque commemorating the stones and fallen heroes, as well as adding a 48 star flag that flew when the original ceremony was held. Future plans include adding ambient lighting to the markers' new home so they can be respected and enjoyed any time of the day.

In a ceremony in the WHS Auditorium attended by dozens of WHS History and Civics students and several local veterans, including Interim Superintendent Dr. Terrance Brennan, Mayor Richard Turner, spoke passionately about the markers and the importance of remembrance for those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Seton Hall Fire Survivors Educate Seniors

Recently Weehawken High School seniors were overcome with emotion, and some moved to tears, as they were mesmerized by an incredibly moving presentation by two survivors of the Seton Hall dormitory fire in January of 2000. The two survivors who spoke, Alvaro Lanos and Shawn Simmons, presented a documentary video and gave emotional speeches about the prank turned tragedy that has encompassed their lives for the past 18 years.

Students watched and listened in awe and sadness as the turn of events, that stemmed from a poorly thought out joke that quickly turned tragic. It is one of the worst college tragedies in New Jersey history which claimed the lives of three students and injured more than 60, including Lanos and Simmons who sustained some of the most severe burn injuries. Lanos and Simmons spoke about the their long road to recovery and how it ran concurrently with the trial of the students who started the fire, who denied it. Neither their long road to healing, nor the gut-wrenching emotion of the trials of the accused was easy for either of these brave men, But they persevered through each and became better men for it.

The two spoke passionately about how the horrific event affected their lives and families. Perhaps the most important take-away was their explanation of how they took this tragedy and used it to become advocates for campus safety, as well as inspirational speakers for high school and college students. The outstanding presentation clearly showed students how something unthinkable was used to become a beacon of hope for others.

WHS Science Club Rains Pumpkins on Eldorado

Passers-by may have thought the sky was falling on a crisp autumn afternoon, but, instead it was the Science Club's annual Pumpkin Drop. The Pumpkin Drop is an annual tradition of the club, under the direction of Mrs, Baxmeyer. It's purpose is to study and experience the force and acceleration, due to the gravity of the Earth, on pumpkins of various sizes and masses. Although the free fall was only 31 feet, the amount of destruction on the pumpkins as they hit the ground and shot fungus onto the school walls was quite impressive .

The students not only dropped the unsuspecting pumpkins, but also helped facilitate the clean up. Theories were discussed as to what pumpkins would hit the ground first, or which would make the largest mess, based on understanding of acceleration and force. After the drop the students compared notes. Letter to the pumpkins next of kin will be written, in appreciation of their sacrifice to science.

On the Horizon

11/30 and 12/1-Weehawken Theater Arts Presents-"Awaiting Wonderland" @7:00

12/5-Homecoming Dance @7:00-10:00

12/6 WHS Bowling at North Arlington @4:00

12/12-WHS PTO Meeting @ 7:00

12/13 WHS Swimming opening day @Memorial at 4:30

12/14 WHS Wrestling opens at Booton @ 6:00

12/27-28-WHS Boys and Girls Basketball Indian Classic Tournament

12/27 WHS Girls @2:00 vs. Hawthorne

12/27 WHS Boys @3:30 vs. Hawthorne

For all WHS sporting:

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