Step One: Raise the Price of Oil

By raising the price of oil, less people will want to spend money on fuel because they will not be able to afford it. This will cause a decrease in the amount of oil that our country uses. As a result of using less oil, the United States will not need to import as much foreign oil.

Step Two: Invest in Clean Energy Reform

Investing in Clean Energy will help to decrease the use of oil and help to reduce our dependence on foreign countries. This will also help civillians because they will no longer need to pay the high prices for oil. Instead of our tax money going towards foreign oil we can invest the saved money in other necessary resources, such as our deficit. Once the amount of oil we are using goes down, we can start to investing in more energy efficient items which will prevent the use of oil. We will become incorporated with Green organizations/companies that will help us to invest in clean energy. We will invest in the Clean Energy reform by putting some of the "extra" money towards electric vehicles or donate to companies and organizations who help us promote or work for our energy reform. Also we could invest in alternative enery sources, such as making cars run off of oil made out of different products.
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Step Three: Limit Our Imports and Exports of Foreign Oil

Placing limitations on the imports and exports of foreign oil will help reduce our dependence on foreign countries for their resources. These limitations will help us control how much foreign oil is entering our country. This will slowly help us to eliminate the use of all foreign oil. By having these limitations, less foreign oil will be used within our country. We could achieve this by placing shipping restriction on the number of oil tanks that are allowed to be imported into the United States per day. If they exceed this number then they will recieve a ticket and have an extremely high price to pay. Also we could criminalize teh act of exceeding the amount of tanks being imported that way companies will not simply pay the high prices.

Step Four: Zone in on a Specific Oil Region

Zoning in on a specific oil region will effect our amount of foreign oil we get imported because the area we are importing from will be smaller. Since the region is smaller the amount of oil imported from that area will be less. This will assist us in our annihilation of unwanted alliances with foreign countries. We will execute this step by discussing with our government about which region/countries that we should focus and zone in on.

Step Five: Drilling Oil Within The United States

After cutting down the amount of foreign oil, the next step is to find places within the U.S. where we can drill our own oil so that we can become completely free of depending on other countries. Drilling our own oil will not only help to get rid of the use of foreign oil, it will also give more Americans places to work so that they are able to support their families. Being dependent on our own country for the production of oil will make it unnecessary to import oil from foreign countries. We can create oil drilling sites along the gulf coast and also in Mexico and Canada. Using Mexico and Canada for oil is how we will use our resources because NAFTA allows us to have free trade with those two countries.
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Step Six: Withdrawal From Countries that Used to Provide Foreign Oil

With drawling from countries that used to provide us with foreign oil will give us our independence. We will no longer need to depend on countries that do not match up with our morals and standards. Also we will no longer need to hold alliances with these said countries. This will also help our economy because we will not have to pay the import taxes or the costs to pump oil in foreign countries. G.F.O. can do this by cutting off ties with these countries and creating a peace pact saying that we will both walk away from this old alliance calmly and without violence.

Step 7: Steady Income of Oil- Completely Withdrawal

We will cut off all lines and contracts connecting us to the foreign countries. This will get us out of unwanted alliances. Also it will help our country become more dependent on ourselves and our resources. We will get a steady income of oil by creating more oil drilling sites within the United States.