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@ Lincoln & The ELC - February 2019 Newsletter

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Happy National School Counseling Week, Mr. Fischer!

This week (February 4-8) is National School Counseling Week. We'd like to say thanks to Mr. Fischer for all he does for our students each and every day! The picture you see above was from back in October when we did the ribbon cutting for our Fitness Center. Jake Steinfeld figured out that Mr. Fischer is a pretty cool guy, something we already knew. If you never got to see the video that impressed Jake and helped us win the fitness center, here it is again:

So make sure you tell Mr. Fischer "THANKS" this week! Our kids are lucky to have him!

Principal's Note

Goodbye winter??? We all are hoping that the groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, got it right this time when he didn't see his shadow and an early spring will soon be arriving. Nobody at Lincoln or the ELC will be holding their breath, though. The groundhog is right only 39% of the time. That's right, you'd be more accurate if you just flipped a coin than trust his prognostications.

We had some cool stuff going on in January that we didn't need the outdoors for anyway. We held our 1st Lincoln Spelling Bee in quite awhile and students did not disappoint. Our spellers needed no "frippery" in doing a fantastic job spelling some very difficult words. In case you are wondering why I used a word like "frippery", it is because it was the word that Kacyn Spohn had to spell to win the Lincoln Bee. Our nine top spellers got to go on the Wilson County Bee where the words were downright ludicrous. It was a great experience for all our students and showed them what it will take next year to be a champion. We get to host the County Bee next year so it should be a lot of fun.

Family Time continues to be all the buzz on Wednesday mornings. We know that it will only continue to help build our positive culture here at Lincoln and the ELC. 100th Day is already here and I can't wait to see the excitement and all the projects packing Paulen and the ELC hallways. Here's hoping I get to see some of you in the coming weeks and maybe we can agree that the groundhog got it right, finally!

Tim Woodcock

Our Champion, Kacyn, 2nd Place, Andrew, and 3rd Place, Macie!

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February Calendar

February 4

9:00 AM-2:00 100th Day Celebration Kindergarten-2nd @ ELC & Lincoln

February 5

4:00 PM LES Honor Choir Practice

February 11

7:00 PM Board of Education Meeting @ BOE

February 12

4:00 PM LES Honor Choir Practice @ FJSHS

February 14

ELC/LES Valentine Parties

Kiddie Clinic Performance Halftime of Boy's Basketball Game

February 15


February 18

NO SCHOOL (Teacher In-service)

February 19

NO SCHOOL (Teacher In-service)

8:00 AM Sprigs and Sprouts @ Methodist Church

4:00 PM LES Honor Choir Practice @ FJSHS

February 21

6:00 PM Educational Forum @ FJSHS

February 26

4:00 PM LES Honor Choir Practice @ FJSHS

February 27

5:30 PM Family Night for PK-Exploration Place with Delta Dental

"Your Big Mouth": Oral Health Education Program

March 1

8:00 AM Rise and Shine @ Lincoln Gym

March 5

4:00 PM Parent Teacher Conferences

March 6

All Day-The Body Venture @ Bateman Gym

4:00 PM Parent Teacher Conferences

March 7

Early Dismissal @ 11:00 AM

March 8


March 11-15


G & W Receipt Contest

Keep saving those receipts. The G & W Receipt Contest has officially started. The last day will be March 29th. There will be pizza, pies, and a whole lot of fun for the winning class! We just deposited over $7,000 from last year's contests. Let's see if we can get it to $10,000 this year! Tell everyone you know to start saving receipts for your student's class!
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Counselor's Corner

Hello everyone, it’s finally February! This month people are usually buzzing about a topic that I really like to talk about, the topic of course is LOVE. How do we explain love? Young children hear the word and automatically think “hugs and kisses” which of course means “cooties.” Older kids start to understand the complexity and some are lucky to find “puppy love.” We say the word every day in our mission statement at school and we even use it to describe how we feel about inanimate objects (cue the quote from Anchorman: “I love lamp.”) All kidding aside, love is a powerful and it is needed to be spread everyday by everyone you meet. However, how do you love EVERYONE? It is a hard concept, but with hard work and practice it can be done!

In order to love everyone, we have to be able to be open-minded and accept people for who they are. Once we start looking at people from who they are compared to who they are not, we become more accepting and are starting the loving process. All adults are examples to the children that are in their life, they watch how we treat people. They watch and hear what we say to the fast food worker when our order isn’t right. When life gives you a little bit of a bump in the road (a long line, a flat tire, a rude customer, etc.) how do you handle it? Is it with a caring, loving and compassionate attitude or do you react to the situation with anger and malice? Remember, love is powerful and can change people’s lives. The question is, is your example of love changing lives for better or for worse?

Matt Fischer

Jumping Rope in PE is always fun!

Healthy Living with Nurse Lindsay

February is National Children's Dental Health Month, brought to you by the American Dental Association, or ADA. This month-long national health observance brings together thousands of dedicated professionals, healthcare providers, and educators to promote the benefits of good oral health to children, their caregivers, teachers and many others. This year's National Children's Dental Health Month campaign slogan is "Brush and clean in between to build a healthy smile."

We are proud to partner this month with Delta Dental and the Children's Exploration Place to bring our Preschoolers dental education in the classroom on February 27-28 and a Family Night to be held at Bateman at 5:30 PM the night of February 27. Getting our students in that habit of brushing twice a day and flossing regularly will help them maintain those healthy smiles for years to come. Please continue to provide your students with the necessary help and resources. If you have questions or need any help in promoting brushing and flossing in your home, please don't hesitate to call.

Nurse Lindsay

Check out these students living with INTEGRITY in January!

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