Mrs. Parker's Weekly Newsletter

for the week of September 21st, 2015

Weekly Instructional Focus


We will learn techniques to revise and edit a personal narrative about a moment in time.

Social Studies:

We will continue to learn about the geography of Texas and the first Texans.



Writing~ Complete Day 1 on the Write For Today worksheet.

Spelling~Write spelling words five times each.


Writing~ Complete Day 2 of the Write for Today worksheet

Spelling~Use each spelling word in a simple sentence.


Writing~ Complete Day 3 of the Write for Today worksheet

Spelling~Sort spelling words by sound.


Writing~ Complete Day 4 of the Write for Today worksheet

Spelling~Written Practice test.

Spelling Words for the Week

I decided to keep the same words for this week since it was a short week! :)

  • wise
  • huge
  • case
  • alone
  • rise
  • cube
  • fame
  • beside
  • blame
  • chose
  • tire
  • became
  • awhile
  • spoke
  • wife
  • drove
  • surprise
  • scale
  • alive
  • invite

Upcoming Events

No school on Friday! Go enjoy Fort Bend County Fair!