Nick Zakaria 5/12/16


In the south-western part of North Carolina, on the border line between North Carolina and South Carolina the Savannah river basin is found.
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Major cities and counties in the region

Cities in the Savannah river basin include Brevard and Rosman. Only Transylvania county is located in the river basin.
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Main water sources

The North Carolinian part of the savannah river basin consists mostly of water falls. The majority of the water falls get their water from the French Broad River, Chattooga, and the Toxaway Lake.
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River basin drainage

The river basin drains into either the ocean or one of the lakes in the region such as Toxaway.

Miles of rivers.

The Savannah is North Carolina's smallest river basin with a total of only about 14.1 miles of river.
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Size of the river basin

The Savanna, the smallest river basin, is relatively close to 7,100 acres.
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Population of the area

The population reached 32,000 residents in 2013.
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Tourist attractions

The best attractions in the river basin include the numerous waterfalls and the beautiful man made Lake Toxaway.
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Native animal species

The Swainson's Warbler