Hot-Air Ballon


1. Function relating the variables best described in this situation.
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2. Because for every 100 hundred feet it descends it takes 5 minutes and 5 minutes before it was seen at 800 feet would add on a hundred feet.
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X=time y= altitude

3. How high was the ballon at 5 minutes before it was sighted

900ft because it was 5 minutes before the ballon landed and if it descends at a rate 100 ft a every five minutes then you would add 100ft if it was rising every five minutes.
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4. Altitude for 20 minutes, how long does it take for the ballon to land?

39 mins for 20 ft

40 mins for it to land

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Because every minute it descends 20 feet.

5. A second ballon is at 1200ft and descending 20 ft per minute, write a function, how much longer does it take for the second ballon to land compared to the first ballon, how does It compare

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The way the ballons compare is the second ballon starts off higher and but has the same slope so it lands 20 minutes later, and the lines compare because they are parrelle.

6. A third ballon is is at an altitude of 800ft but is descending at 30 ft per min, make a function, how much longer does it take for the ballon to land compared to the first , how does the descent of the ballons compar?

800-30x=y, the third ballon lands at 13.3 minutes faster, so the relationship was that they both started at 800ft but the third descended 10ft per minute faster, and the third ballons slope was steeper.
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7. A fourth ballon was Launched from the ground rising at 30 ft per minute, make a function,when will the first and fourth abloom be at the same altitude what is that altitude


Y=0+30x are the 2 equations that represent the graph below

16 minutes


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8. What altitude would the third ballon have to began to descend in order to reach the ground at the same time as the first baloo? What is the equation of the line?

It would have to start at 1200 ft and descend 30 ft per minutes