Congrats! You are top 50 in sales!

( and my secret of signing up for the Free Jewelry only)

You are my VIP!I'd love to share a few secrets with you about how I NEVER wanted to be a Stylist and how I almost quit! You might be surprised to learn a few secrets about me.

Hi Amazing Stylists!

You are receiving this email because YOU are a big deal! You are my personal sales generation, which means the stylists that are my priority for personal support in 2016. And you are in my top 100 in sales!! You are the ladies I want to personally connect with, recognize, prioritize and get to know better! Many of you are brand new, or getting back to work after taking some time off, excited to support you! Many of you are busy with family, jobs which I totally understand. As women, we tend to balance to much and take care of so many. I myself am a mom of three and my kids and my family are my priority, so I get being busy.

I have a personal invitation to YOU to join me for coffee or some time to chat. I also Have some SECRETS and CONFESSIONS I want to share with you. My hope is that you might learn a bit abut me and maybe even see some of yourself in me and accept my invitation to think Big in 2016.

You might not know that I started just 6 years ago as a stylist that signed up online, just for the free Jewelry (I know, how horrible). I signed up like many of you for $199. I had never met a stylist or been to a trunk show, and I really didn't have the desire too. I simply liked to shop and I wanted to wear the Jewelry. I wasn't even a Jewelry person, but something about this line was special that I had to have the Dot Bloom necklace. So with no desire to sell, sponsor, build a team, or even earn an income, I signed up. Who does that???

I didn't want to try to "sell" because I was scared of failing. Scared my friends would think I was annoying. Scared of the whole "Direct Sales" Thing. Plus, how many stylists were out there, and was there still room for me? After months of doing nothing but looking at my starter kit on my dining room table, I decided to give it a try and have a trunk show. Guess what? I failed. Not once, but twice. I didn’t sell a thing at either trunk show, which must be hard to do? Maybe that was a company record itself? I decided this gig was not for me. I quit. I told my husband I would keep my Jewelry and wear it, after all it was soo cute, and maybe buy a few pieces here and there. But i was not a Stylist. Maybe we could open that home daycare we had talked about so I could stay home.

Someone then contacted me and invited me to a meeting, of which i had no interest. I was too busy with my kids and naps and I didn't want to be the creepy Jewelry lady. I didn’t want to annoy my friends. But after the 5th call from a very persistent stylist who I didn’t even know, I decided to take her call. She caught me at Target with my three kids screaming and invited me to a quiet afternoon in SF for coffee. I told her I had no help with my kids but I could swing a Sat am for a quick coffee. I thought, why not? What do I have to loose with meeting this Lindsay? At least I can tell my husband I am "doing research for a new job" and have a reason to put on makeup and shower.

After one hour of coffee with Lindsay, I got it. The lightbulb went off. I now knew what Stella & Dot really was. I knew what a Stylist was, who was part of this amazing company, and I knew there was a group of women that I wanted to meet. I learned there were women just like me that could help me learn where to start. I had thought I was alone and a looser for not selling anything at my trunk shows, but after coffee I wanted just a tiny bit of what Lindsay had.

She had Energy, Enthusiasm, passion. And heck, this lady who had zero sales experience was making a TON of money. Six figures in a short period of time, traveling, and earned a car! She was actually really funny and nice, not intimidating as I expected her to be. After all, I later learned that she was the top in sales for our ENTIRE company that year. She was BIG, and I had no idea.

On the drive home from meeting Lindsay, I thought quite a bit. Maybe I should not give up? Maybe I could do this and earn $2000 a month and work from home. If she could earn $10,000 a month as a busy mom with three boys, maybe I can earn a small portion of that a month? Maybe I should give this another shot?

I decided I was getting in the way of my own success. I wasn't pushing myself enough. I was a great mom, but I could really use something for me, and my husband would LOVE some support on the financial side. I needed to push my negative thoughts aside, my fear, and just take a risk and see what I could do with Stella & Dot. Because Lindsay didn't give up on me, I too won't give up on anyone on our team. I want to pay it forward and help everyone reach each goal because without that cup of coffee and someone pushing me to meet her, I might not be a stylist today. And today. I LOVE my job and the opportunity to be a leader and help others.

Almost 7 years have gone by and today we have a beautiful strong team of over $1500 women as a Founding Executive Director team. I still can't believe how much we have grown in 6 years and I can't believe I almost walked away from my dream job. A job that fills my heart, my soul, and gives me passion and energy I didn't know i had. I have a few tips to share with you, and I definitely can share some of the mistakes and failures i have made. Without failure, it's hard to grow. I want to grow this year and help take our team to a whole new level. I need you, especially the quiet girl in the room that isn’t sure this is for her. You are my favorite to work with! I see a tiny bit of me in you!

The rest of the story I'd like to share with you personally, just as my sponsor and Upline Lindsay Walsh did with me over coffee. So here is my personal invitation to you for coffee or Tea and maybe even a glass of wine over Skype. You can decline of course, like I did. I understand, you are busy and you might not have time or really want to be a Stylist. THAT WAS ME! So let me save you some time, and let's just chat a little and see if we might have something in common. Maybe you are a bit of a late bloomer or someone on the sidelines that is now ready for 2016!

This is a Brand New year full of FRESH Opportunity for all of us. There has never been a better time to be a Stylist! I want to spend time chatting with you and helping you with your business! I will be reaching out to many of you this month to Chat, but I’d love to prioritize my coffee chats with those of you that want support NOW and put you at the top of my list. So Please email me at and let me know when is the best time to reach you, or call me at 925 640-1566 so we can connect! I can't wait to chat! with gratitude, Shaina

Top in Year to Date sales for 2015-Shaina's personal generation!

top 50! You did it!

Name Year to date PQV

1 Lisa Branco $ 25440.56

2 Kristy Poindexter $24919.59

3 Corinne Bruzzone $18971.38

4 Kirsten Didonna $15610.34

5 Leslie Zodikoff Angier $ 14936.89

6 lea buehler $14094.41

7 Svetlana Lee $11917.31

8 Jennifer Ruby $10139.83

9 Odette Vandaveer $ $9241.24

10 AMANDA RUDD $8736.56

11 irenee french $ 8534.06

12 Sarah Byrne $7904.19

13 Heidi Ashworth $7375.06

14 CJ Forrester $ 6821.87

15 Angela Moore $ 6106.79

16 Amy Snook $5890.99

17 Kari Brooks $5822.3

18 Tanya Fitzpatrick $5488.67

19 Amy Costello $5226.08

20 Jennifer Young $ 4981.68

21 Sara Competente $ 4970.56

22 Stacy Sanford $4421.48

23 Erika Murillo $4322.06

24 Susie Jacob $4220.87

25 Cynthia Miller $ 4119.15

26 Rochelle Millard $ 4065.43

27 Kimberly Duchene $ 3626.69

28 Ann Conter $ 3537.72

29 Miu-Lung Ley $3537.38

30 Sandra Siefkas $ 3263.55

31 Jennifer Grant $3059.97

32 Katie Koontz $2961.99

33 Sandra Caudill $2955.83

34 Jennifer Lopez $2886.2

35 Reina moreno $ 2870.15

36 ROYA ORNELAS $ 2743.39

37 Stephanie Stefani $ 2713.93

38 Susan Smith $2712.24

39 Kimberly McLean $ 2599.53

40 Deborah Virchau $ 2587.1

41 Noemi Gilbert $ 2540.82

42 Jennifer Lawrence $ 2499.97

43 Heather Anderson $2358.49

44 Ariana Willie $2353.71

45 Cindy Wilson $2240.41

46 Rebecca Zador $ 2225.39

47 Tina Blomstrom $ 2193.28

48 Christie Alexander-Ernst $1981.25

49 Sharon Clark $1977

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