Arcadia Tribune

By Natalie H. and Liana K.

All About Atalanta

When Atalanta was first given to her father, Iasus, he left her on the side of a mountain because he'd always wanted a boy. A mama bear was wondering the forest when she came to hear a baby's cry. She went to find out and found Atalanta. The mama bear brought her to the family, and they raised her as their own. Later as Atalanta was growing up, some hunters found them and took her because they thought she was mortal. Atalanta escaped and became an adult on her own. She met her father, Iasus, though her mother, Clymene had already passed away. Iasus told Atalanta that she had to get married, but could choose her groom however she wanted to. Atalanta raced the possible choices. If they, lost they died. Finally, Melanion raced Atalanta, and he won because Aphrodite gave him golden apples, which he dropped, therefore distracting Atalanta. She was able to survive because she was a great hunter and famous for her running. The moral to this story is greed because Melanion only won because Atalanta stopped when he dropped Aphrodite's apples, and because Melanion and Atalanta didn't show any appreciation towards Aphrodite.

The Interview

Interviewer: So, how are you?

Atalanta: I am well.

Interviewer: I have a couple questions for you.

Atalanta: Ask away!

Interviewer: How was it like when you were growing up with a family of bears?

Atalanta: I didn't really think about it to much because I was ripped away from them quickly.

Interviewer: How old were you when you had to live on your own?

Atalanta: I was probably about 14 or 15.

Interviewer: When you were told that if you married you would turn into an animal, what was going through your head?

Atalanta: Well, my dad told to get married so I never really knew what to think.

Interviewer: So, because you were incredibly fast, you decided to race against men?

Atalanta: I thought no one could beat me, even the fastest men!

Interviewer: What happened?

Atalanta: Well, after many men, a young boy was stunned by my beauty and stepped up to the challenge.

Interviewer: Did you think that you were going to win?

Atalanta: Of course, no one thought he was going to win!

Interviewer: Did you fall in love with him?

Atalanta: Yes!
Interviewer: Did you tell him?

Atalanta: I told him not to do it because I didn't want him to die, but he refused me.

Interviewer: Did you win?

Atalanta: This is what happened: Aphrodite gave him 3 golden apples, and later, during the race he dropped them near me. I kept stopping to pick them up. After all 3 of them, he wasn't too far away, but he still won.

Interviewer: Did you get married to him?

Atalanta: Yes and when we were happily married for a while, did we both turned to lions.

Interviewer: So the spell worked, and you are still together, right?

Atalanta: Yes, we are together, and we have a beautiful baby boy.

Interviewer: Thank you for having me!

Atalanta: Any time!

Atalanta's Family Tree